North Central College - Naperville, IL

Center for Student Success

At North Central, we define academic support broadly and treat the one-on-one connections between our students and their mentors as an essential ingredient to success. Life comes down to the choices you make and the wisdom you gather along the way. One of the clearest and most undervalued advantages of attending a small school like North Central is the personal attention and support you'll receive. With fewer students competing for opportunities and the time and attention of mentors, North Central allows you to make the most of college -- exploring, reflecting on and fine-tuning your skills and interests.

That's why we have centers that can assist you in sharpening your writing and language skills, improving your study skills and assisting you with accommodations.



Center for Student Success Staff

Ms. Jennifer Salmon
Director, Student Academic Success Programs
LAC 10; 630-637-5111

Ms. Lavonne Kopca
Director, Student Disability Services
LAC 11; 630-637-5264

Ms. Meghan Pfister
Administrative Assistant, The Center for Student Success
LAC 13; 630-637-5266