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We are no longer accepting applications for Fall 2014 programs

Applicants should check their campus mailbox or permanent address for their acceptance letter


Application Documents and Materials

Direct Enrollment/Exchange Program Application

Japan Exchange Program Application  (Aoyama Gakuin University, Iwate University, Kanda University, Kyoto Gakuen University, Nagoya Gakuin University)


NCC-in-Costa Rica

NCC-in-England (Canterbury)

Reference Form  (two recommendations required; forms should be returned to applicant in sealed envelopes and submitted with the NCC application)

Transcript Request Waiver


Prior to completing an application, please do the following:

• Attend the Study Abroad Fair in October and follow-up meetings to learn about the programs, costs, prerequisites, application procedures, and appropriate preparations.

• Make an appointment with the Study Abroad Advisor to discuss your study abroad program options.

• Discuss your study abroad involvement with your faculty advisor, being sure to check on all requirements in your major or minor.

• Select a study abroad program and take note of admission requirements


Applying to the Program

  1. Pick up an application form from the Office of International Programs or download and print an application linked above.
  2. Complete application according to instructions and checklist.
  3. Obtain two letters of recommendation: one academic, and one character reference
  4. Submit application form, sealed recommendation letters, two official passport pictures, two copies of your current resume (in English), and two copies of your one-page statement of purpose.


Once you have completed the application and have been accepted:

  1. Acceptance letters are mailed by mid-February.
  2. Obtain a passport and visa if required. Check with the nation's embassy in the U.S. prior to travel to determine what documents you'll need. Don't rely on Web sit information because laws change and the internet can be outdated. Call the embassy directly. Similarly, travel agents and airlines can also provide outdated or incorrect information. Embassy contact information can be found at United States Department of State
  3. Attend mandatory orientation sessions prior to departure.
  4. Pay $500 deposit by April 4, 2014 (regardless of any pending scholarship decisions)
  5. Provide the Office of International Programs with a copy of your passport and information pertaining to your flight arrangement.
  6. Students enrolled in all North Central College study aborad programs are required to take and successfully complete GLS277 Seminar: Study Abroad offered in the spring term each year. This course, taken for 0.0 or 2.00 credits, is a workshop in intercultural learning where students explore the concept of culture, compare cultural values, investigate social relations and communication styles, prepare for adjustment, and begin to develop intercultural competence. Journals are kept while students are in their host cultures; required activities and a final reflective essay are completed upon return.


Deposits, Deadlines & Refund Policies

• January 31, 2014 : All study abroad applications due.

• February 1-February 28, 2014: $50 late fee for all applications received during this period.

• No Applications will be accepted after February 28, 2014.

• April 4, 2014: $500 deposit due in the Office of International Programs (regardless of any pending financial aid or scholarship decisions); $250 will be refunded until May 2, 2014.

• May 3, 2014 : The $500 deposit is forfeited after this date for any participant who withdraws for any reason other than medical. Withdrawing due to medical reasons requires a signed letter from the student's physician.

• June 30, 2014: Participants withdrawing after this date will not only forfeit the $500 deposit but will also be responsible for any cancellation fees incurred by NCC.


For more information

Call the Office of International Programs at (630) 637-5132 to arrange an appointment with a study abroad advisor, or email



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