North Central College - Naperville, IL
Computer Science

During his winter break, Brett created a Pokédex—an online database of information related to the popular Pokémon video games. His newfound tech skills allow him to explore his interests in exciting new ways.

“Technology is my calling,” he says. “North Central’s computer science program exposed me to many programming languages, allowing me to pursue personal projects and a future career.”

Brett participated in a summer internship with Thomson Reuters, a multinational media and information firm. Working with professional programmers, Brett explored the computer industry and built connections for his career.

Brett plans to pursue a master’s degree in computer science after graduation and hopes to teach programming to high school students. An artist too, he compares his computer knowledge to “a paintbrush.” With a vibrant palette of technological expertise, Brett says he has what he needs to paint a future in the computer industry.

“At North Central, you’ll be exposed to many programming languages and become a swift learner and confident programmer. Most importantly, you’ll learn to apply the skills you learn to real-life situations.”