North Central College - Naperville, IL

Lisa Mueller earns Outstanding Major in History Award

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Lisa Mueller
Lisa Mueller

Lisa Mueller was honored with the 2011 James Henry Breasted 1890 Outstanding Major in History Award during Honors Day May 17 at North Central College.

Mueller is a graduating senior double-majoring in history and Spanish. She plans to pursue graduate studies in library science at Dominican University.

While at North Central, Mueller participated in a spring break service trip during which students traveled to Wisconsin to retrace the “Trail of Tears” and learn how Native American tribes like the Mohicans were displaced and forced to move westward under the federal removal policies of the 1800s.

As a student Mueller was active with the Cardinals On Wheels (COW) organization that focuses on the needs and interests of students who commute to and from campus. She presented research at the College's Rall Symposium for Undergraduate Research. Mueller was a student worker at Oesterle Library, where she served as a student coordinator her senior year.

The award for outstanding major in history is named for James Henry Breasted, an 1890 alumnus of North Central College who was a widely known member of the University of Chicago faculty and founded the Oriental Institute. Breasted was a pioneering archeologist who was featured on the cover of Time magazine and is widely believed to be the real-life inspiration for the Indiana Jones character portrayed by Harrison Ford in a series of Steven Spielberg movies.