North Central College - Naperville, IL

David Letterman asks Naperville science kid, “Do you go to North Central?”

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North Central College made an appearance on “The Late Show with David Letterman” on Thursday, May 10.

Jack Brandt, son of North Central College chemistry professor Paul Brandt, was one of three Naperville students selected for the show’s annual Science Kids segment. Jack is a seventh-grader at Kennedy Junior High School.

Jack wore a North Central College sweatshirt on the show. Letterman pointed to his shirt and asked, “Where do you go to school, is it North Central?” Jack proceeded to illustrate the power of atmospheric pressure using the “Can Crush” experiment.

Appearing on the show with Jack were Kennedy classmate Cairo Lawrence and Zack Pradel from Lincoln Junior High School. The three were among a group of students from Naperville who traveled to New York City with retired Naperville North High School teacher Lee Marek and Naperville Central High School chemistry teacher Jaci Gentile.  Students from the area have appeared in the segment at least 20 times since 1997.

This was at least the second time the child of a faculty member appeared on Letterman’s show wearing North Central apparel. In 2008, Nick Radmer, son of associate professor of English Jennifer Jackson, wore a North Central T-shirt when he was chosen for a Science Kids segment.

Watch video of the segment here.