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History of Ideas

Why choose history of ideas at North Central College?

This may be the perfect minor for you if you like to discuss great ideas in small, seminar-style classes; if you like to tackle challenging writing assignments; and if you expect to attend graduate school. By studying classic texts and discussing the great ideas, you’ll get a good grasp of “the big picture”—the ideas and trends that mark major world religions, art, philosophy, literature and the social sciences.

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Dr. Abiodun “G-P” Goke-Pariola
No “status quo” with North Central College’s new vice president for academic affairs and dean of faculty Dr. Abiodun “G-P” Goke-Pariola.
First-years cheer at a pep rally Sept. 9
North Central College began the 2015-2016 academic year Sept. 14 with a record number of first-year students.
Bruce Janacek, associate professor of history, discussed the kings of England with Milt Rosenberg and a Northwestern University professor on WCGO-AM 1590.


Graduate Schools

Recent graduates in history of ideas have been accepted at:

  • University of Chicago
  • Chicago Theological Seminary
  • University of Illinois Graduate School of Library and Information Science
  • Vanderbuilt University
  • Southern Illinois University


Recent history of ideas minors:

  • Application analyst, Navistar, Warrenville, IL
  • Staff accountant, Borhart Spellmeyer & Company, Elgin, IL
Political Science, History of Ideas minor

Sidra already knew she wanted to study international environmental issues and political science when she stumbled upon the history of ideas minor. "When I was a freshman College Scholar I was placed in a history of ideas course called 'Greek and Hebrew Thought,'" she says. "I liked it so much! I enjoy studying primary texts instead of textbooks, and really great discussions." Sidra decided to make history of ideas her minor to complement her interest in envrironmental justice issues. She plans to attend graduate school in international relations at the University of Chicago and ultimately wants to teach. "I learned how to read with depth and breadth and my career has been influenced by how passionate my...

Philosophy major, History of Ideas and History minors

“History of ideas combines the best literature and history classes you’re ever had,” says Bethany. “I didn’t realize a discipline like this existed until I came here.”

A philosophy major with minors in history of ideas and history, Bethany says,  “A strength of the program is its mix of students from different areas like math, chemistry and psychology. They contribute so many different perspectives and ways of learning.”

Bethany’s studies sparked her interest in research. A College Scholar, her honors thesis and presentations at the National Conference for Undergraduates (NCUR) and North Central conferences about her research findings were inspired by primary texts. “My presentation at the...

Religious Studies major, History of Ideas minor

“I think every new student should take a history of ideas course. You get a great picture of how all education ties together, learn to think critically and how to study.”

Caitlyn added the history of ideas minor because, “I loved the course material and mix of students in my classes. They’re from all majors and had different approaches to the same things. I learned so much that way.”

Caitlyn wasn’t all study. She traveled to Greece and Germany for two D-Terms, joined many service projects, worked for Campus Safety, and was a resident assistant and co-director of United Methodist Student Organization and New Visions summer camp.

“A lot of socializing happens naturally at college, but faculty...