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Why choose German at North Central College?

As a German major, you can discover the joys of learning about a culture from the inside out, develop translingual and transcultural competency, participate in international working and learning communities, prepare for a career in a globalized economy and society, qualify to teach K-12 German by completing a secondary education major and boost your résumé while you’re at it. You can share your insights into German and European history and culture by conducting research and then delivering presentations at local and national conferences and our own Rall Symposium for Undergraduate Research.

You can also:


National award brings prestigious recognition to North Central’s internationalization of campus over 20 years.
North Central College has expanded its commitment to sustainability by investing more than $200,000 to replace old fixtures with energy-efficient LED lighting.
North Central College Group Process class projects help raise funds for nonprofit causes and teach teamwork and decision-making skills to students.



  • Internet banking intern, Coldwell Banker, Naperville
  • Intern, Office Max, Naperville
  • Campaign intern, 2010 U.S. Rep. candidate Ben Lowe, Lombard, IL
  • Archives intern, North Central College
  • Teaching assistant, Hölderlin Gymnasium, Heidelberg, Germany
  • Assistant at the brewery, Braverei Zum Klosterhof, Germany


Recent graduates in German include:

  • Cultural liasion
  • Teacher
  • Translators
  • Foreign operations secretaries
  • Hotel managers
  • International Business
  • Communication specialists
  • Travel guide
  • Library sciences
German and Spanish double major, English and History of Ideas minors

When she arrived at North Central, Melissa was interested in too many subjects to count – which may explain why she completed German and Spanish majors along with minors in English and The History of Ideas. "One of the most important things about North Central is students' freedom to study different disciplines," she says. The academic and travel opportunities of the German major intrigued Melissa. "During our Berlin trip it was interesting to learn about the Cold War era without relying on a textbook," she says.

As a College Scholar, Melissa wrote a thesis that integrated her interests in German and Shakespeare. She analyzed texts at the Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington, D.C.–an unusual...

German major

Emily studied German, along with classical civilization and sociology, and found time to be president of the Student Governing Association, president of the Illinois Residence Hall Association and student representative to the College’s strategic planning process.

“When I visited the campus, I spoke with several professors and it seemed like all the opportunities here were something I wanted to be part of. After four years, I can say staff, faculty and other students have been amazing mentors and encouragers. Everyone cares about helping you along your path.”

Emily secured two Richter grants, which funded travel to Germany for research she presented at the College’s undergraduate symposium and at...

German major

A degree in German from North Central College “is about so much more than learning grammar,” Louis says. “In my opinion, it’s one of the most complete and well-rounded majors an individual can undertake.”

He knows from experience.

Louis received a Richter grant and spent three weeks during the summer between his junior and senior years studying the complex beer culture in Heidelberg, Munich and Bamberg. He worked at a small brewery, where he spent time sanitizing equipment, adding hops and malt and delivering bottles and kegs to local grocers and bars. He’s given two presentations about his experiences...

German major

The opportunity to study German and play soccer attracted Nora to North Central. “I wanted to be involved with the sport and I liked the idea of classes with as few as 10 students. I love the environment a small school offers.”

Her German classes were engaging and she got to know her classmates and professors on a personal level. She also enjoyed visiting Berlin, Potsdam, Wittenberg and Dresden as part of a D-Term course. “I had a great time immersing myself in the language and culture of Germany and noticed a difference in my ability to write and orally produce the German language.”

Participating in athletics taught Nora many life lessons, which she hopes to incorporate as a future coach. “I...