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English Language Learning

Why choose English language learning at North Central College?

America has always been a melting pot, but demand is higher than ever for teachers who can instruct children raised in homes where English is not the primary language. North Central’s minor in English language learning (ELL) helps you meet this pressing need—and positions you well in a competitive job market.

You will also:

  • Complete our intensive 100-hour field experience requirement.
  • Acquire state endorsement in English as a second language (ESL).
  • Acquire state endorsement in bilingual education with language proficiency and a bilingual methods course.


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Recent graduates in English language learning include:

  • English as a second language certified teacher
  • Bilingual education certified teacher
  • Elementary education teacher
Elementary Education and Spanish double major, English Language Learning minor

“North Central gave me the confidence to follow my dreams. People here give you real experiences to try out your dreams.”

Sarah’s dream is to help children master the English language. She added a minor in English Language Learning to her majors in elementary education and Spanish so she can teach bilingual education.

“Many children know some English, but they need someone to help them stay on track academically with their subjects while still learning English,” she says. “Through North Central I’ve had so many opportunities to connect with different language communities and practice what I’m learning.”

Her student teaching and practicums have taken her to bilingual classrooms in highly...

Elementary Education major, English Language Learning minor

Heidi knew she picked the right career path after her study abroad trip to Costa Rica.

“I learned a lot about myself and my passion for Spanish and education,” says Heidi, who spent part of the term teaching Spanish to a group of 10 orphaned kindergartners. “I was expected to teach with limited resources in my non-native language. I found I absolutely loved every single minute of it! I know what I want to do with the rest of my life—combine the two things I love: Spanish and education.”

Heidi plans to study abroad in Peru next. The knowledge gained on these types of trips, she says, is irreplaceable.

“By studying in Latin American countries, I’m more prepared to be an English language...

Elementary Education major, English Language Learning and Spanish minors

"ELL can benefit any prospective or current teacher," says Melissa, who is pairing her major in elementary education with a double minor in English language learning (ELL) and reading. "Schools today are very diverse, and every student deserves an education and an opportunity to succeed. "ELL teachers don’t need to speak a second language in order to succeed," she notes. "This minor is based on teaching strategies and communicating in universal ways. It will help me break the language barrier so that each student learns in the way that suits them best."

Elementary Education & Spanish double major, English Language Learning minor

Heidi cultivated a perfect marriage between her two majors—Elementary Education and Spanish—that she will carry into her career.

A recipient of the prestigious student Fulbright Fellowship, Heidi will travel to Argentina to teach English language learning methods to local teachers for 10 months after graduation. Heidi’s experiences while at North Central as a teacher and traveler complemented this opportunity.

Heidi completed two summer internships that allowed her to run her own classroom to gain real-world teaching experience. She also acquired global awareness and refined her Spanish by studying abroad in Costa Rica and Peru.

Elementary Education major, English Language Learning minor

Courtney wants to teach in a general education setting and help all her students, so she added the English Language Learning (ELL) endorsement to her studies.

In addition to taking several ELL classes, she’s completed 10- and 50-hour practica experiences so far, with more to come. “The more hours and practica experiences you have with different schools and teachers, the more exposure you get to different strategies and ways of doing things.”

In one practicum, Courtney worked with students who spoke German, Chinese, Spanish and Hindi. Through North Central’s program and faculty, she learned techniques and strategies for teaching students in any language “without watering down content."