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Why choose chemistry at North Central College?

Our chemistry major provides undergraduates with exceptional academic opportunities. As early as your first year, you’ll have the chance to conduct original research using advanced scientific instruments right here on campus. That kind of hands-on lab experience is often reserved for graduate students at larger institutions. And, thanks to Naperville’s proximity to Chicago, you’ll have easy access to BP, Nalco, Baxter Healthcare, Perkin-Elmer and other companies that value chemistry expertise. After completing our American Chemical Society-approved major, you will be prepared to pursue graduate studies with top-tier institutions.

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Caitlyn Lee ’17, Dru Rozewicki ’17, Kara Majich ’17
North Central College science majors land three of only six openings for radiation therapy program at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.
At this year’s Honors Convocation, the College recognized Jack Ryan as the Outstanding Senior Man and Kori Sye as the Outstanding Senior Woman.
The North Central College Board of Trustees grants tenure, approves promotions to faculty members effective with the start of the 2016-2017 academic year.



  • Nanophase Technologies, Romeoville, IL

Graduate Schools

Recent graduates in chemistry have been accepted at:

  • University of North Carolina
  • University of Illinois
  • University of Minnesota
  • University of Oregon
  • University of Iowa


Recent graduates in chemistry include:

  • Chemist, Exelon, Chicago, IL
  • Chemist, Downers Grove Wastewater Treatment, Downers Grove, IL
  • Chemistry teacher, Naperville North High School, Naperville, IL
  • Chemist, BP Amoco, Naperville, IL
  • Chemist, Dow AgroSciences, Indianapolis, IN
  • Chemist, Flavors of North America, Geneva, IL
  • Forensic chemist, American Institute of Toxicology, Indianapolis, IN
  • Chemist, Los Alamos National Lab, Santa Fe, NM
  • Research and development engineer, Honeywell, Des Plaines, IL
  • Universal Oil Products, Riverside, IL
Chemistry major

“I started working on a research project the summer after my first year. I wanted to make compounds in a new, greener way using a technique called BASIL (it stands for biphasic acid scavenging using ionic liquids). I presented my work to Associated Colleges of the Chicago Area during my sophomore year, then continued my research with Professor Paul Brandt over the next two summers.

“Starting my research early definitely helped me with upper-level course work; I also developed good lab skills and got to meet other people. Learning to share research with biologists, physicists, and psychologists—and with people from other fields—teaches you how to explain what you’re doing in layman’s terms.”

Chemistry major

Peggy was a little nervous about returning to school after a 13-year hiatus. Her apprehension quickly subsided after her first classes at North Central.

“The availability of resources is phenomenal. The professors seem to really care and always make time for questions and to help,” Peggy says. “Coming back to school after such a long absence was very intimidating, but I received a lot of support from the staff and other students.”

Peggy works full time as a paralegal while taking classes at night. She’s a member of North Central’s Mock Trial team and plans to attend law school after she graduates to pursue a career in...

Chemistry major

Daniella’s decision to major in chemistry at North Central opened up more opportunities than she imagined.

“The chemistry department keeps students updated on research opportunities, part-time positions and internships in the area to help enhance lab skills and prepare for post-graduation employment.”

While at North Central, Daniella interned as a laboratory assistant at the DuPage County Public Works and the City of Naperville’s Water Department. Because of these opportunities, Daniella graduated with a full-time position at Fehr Solutions, a water-treatment service company in Geneva, IL.

Daniella is grateful for the help she received from the College faculty in preparing for her career....

Chemistry major

Tasha has always loved science and wants to pursue graduate studies and become a pharmacist. When it came time to transfer and pick a school after earning an associate’s degree at a community college, she found the right fit at North Central.

“I fell in love with the school. It’s small and intimate. You can talk to professors to get any help you need.”

One chemistry professor made a lasting impact on Tasha. “He’s one of the most helpful professors on campus and inspires me to do great things in chemistry.”

Tasha is a military veteran, single mother and enrolled at North Central part time. Still, she finds time to conduct independent research while keeping up with other commitments and is...

Chemistry major

Cassandra Schneider succinctly describes how she decided to attend North Central College: “I found it online, came here and fell in love with the College,” she says.

Like others who major in a science at North Central, Cassandra learned the importance of developing communication skills in addition to conducting research and gaining valuable experience. She researched BASIL (biphasic acid scavenging using ionic liquid) with Paul Brandt, associate professor of chemistry. “The teachers at North Central are very helpful,” Cassandra says. “They don’t just give you an answer, they help you work toward it.”

In addition to pursuing her bachelor of science degree in chemistry, Cassandra explored her love...