North Central College - Naperville, IL

Veteran's Program Advisor

Renard I. Jackson, Ed.D.

North Central College is mindful of the unique needs student veterans have when transitioning from "boots to books." Renard Jackson is an advisor on staff who serves as advocate for student veterans and veteran dependents. He helps navigate a sometimes complicated and unfamiliar system of forms, deadlines and requirements and provides immediate support while helping cut through red tape along the way.

Jackson's role is not limited to the financial and administrative aspects of campus life. He also plays a role in the cocurricular and extracurricular lives of student veterans, helping make college life a rich and fulfilling experience. Jackson serves as a:

  • Coordinator of activities for the Student Veteran Services Program Grant
  • Connection to internships, jobs and graduate school programs through the career development office
  • Coordinator of social events among student veterans and the camups community, like Pizza with the President
  • Liaison to the veteran’s national honor society SALUTE, the Judd Kendall Naperville VFW, the American Legion and peer institutions to introduce students to veterans off campus and connect them with opportunities available through these organizations
  • Representative of the College at state and local veterans meetings and workshops
  • Supervisor to two student veteran mentors helping new students build mentoring relationships with more experienced student veterans and alumni

These benefits are available to student veterans and veteran dependents at any time and to whatever extent they choose. What matters to us is that our servicemen and women receive the individual attention they need and deserve to make the most of their experience at North Central College.

Jackson invites you to contact him if you have questions. He may be reached at 630-637-5149 or