North Central College - Naperville, IL


Phonathon is a student calling program that advances the College by fostering relationships that result in donations from and goodwill toward alumni, parents and friends. During the school year, a team of students serve as fundraisers and ambassadors of the College making personal phone contact with alumni, parents and friends to ask for gifts to the Annual Fund, collect updated information and share news about North Central College.

Phonathon is more than an fund-raising effort. When you receive a call from a student, your gift of time also gives them a chance to develop real-world skills like negotiation and salesmanship. But, it's what student-callers learn about you that can be so influential...just read some of the testimonials. So, the next time you see North Central College calling, consider picking up the phone. The knowledge you impart may be more valuable than the gift you pledge.


What I love most about phonathon is it gives me an idea about the different side of the College—some of its funding. Making calls gives me a better understanding of professionalism and adulthood, because it connects me with North Central alumni who have worked in the sections I am studying now, while giving me a perception of what life is like after college.

Political Science

I love Phonathon because it allows me to interact with alumni and share their experiences and stories with current students. It’s a great feeling being able to carry on their legacy.

Interactive Media Studies

I love Phonathon because I like talking to alumni and hearing about how North Central has helped them in the working world. I also like hearing about the fun experiences they had when they went here.

Elementary Education

Being part of the Phonathon Team is a great experience which has helped build my communication skills and has given me knowledge about North Central.  I enjoy speaking with alumni and thanking them for their support which gives me the opportunity to continue my studies at North Central.

Global studies/German

Talking with alumni gives me advice that ends up helping me with exactly what I need, from people who have experienced it first-hand.

Organizational Communication

I love getting to talk to alumni all over the country and hearing about their careers. It's great to see all the doors that North Central opened for these alumni and know that my peers and I will have success once we graduate!

French, Business Management and Pre-nursing

I love working with Phonathon because I get to talk to so many different people from all over.


Why do I love Phonathon?  I love it because I have the opportunity to be a representative of North Central and be the connection between Cardinals of past, present and future.

Student Caller

What I love about Phonathon is the ability to talk to the alumni of North Central; hearing the stories and anecdotes of when they attended the school and, overall, being a part of the campus community.

Elementary Education

What I love most about Phonathon is that I can be the liaison between the College and its alumni. I love getting the opportunity to talk with different alumni each time I work and hear about how much the campus has grown and changed.

Sport Management

I love working with Phonathon because you're able to connect with past students and make NCC a greater place to live and learn.

Exercise Science

What I love about Phonathon is talking with alumni and learning about their past experiences at North Central and the advice they give about College.


What I love about Phonathon is that every day is different. You never know who you're going to talk to or what you're going to talk about. It keeps things interesting!

Religious Studies

The thing I enjoy most about Phonathon is when you connect with someone that thinks highly of the college and talks to you about their experiences at North Central.

Japanese and English

"I have gained valuable experience working in the Phonathon environment and have learned the importance of team work.  I enjoy connecting with alums and think it's neat to hear their stories and where they are in their lives now."