North Central College - Naperville, IL


Simply stated, the endowment ensures the future of North Central College. Since the late 1960s, when the previous level of church support no longer available following a merge of the Evangelical United Brethren and United Methodist churches, the role of endowment has become increasingly important to offset the cost of college for every student.

Our focus in the 21st century is to keep North Central College affordable without diminishing quality. Your gift to the endowment can be applied in many ways. Endowing a scholarship or making an unrestricted gift to the endowment means you are not only assisting several students to fund their education, but the general operating budget used for financial aid can be applied to other needs. The same is true for an endowed academic chair, program or administrative position.

Endowment Gifts and Amounts

  • Full Tuition Endowed Scholarship ($1 million)
  • Endowed Faculty Chair ($1.5 million)
  • Junior Faculty Chair ($500,000)
  • Presidential Scholarship ($500,000)
  • Administrative or Coaching Position ($500,000)
  • Endowed Named Scholarship ($25,000 minimum)

Give Now

For more information on an endowment, please contact:

Lisa Pettaway '94/M'00
Director of the North Central College Annual Fund
30 N. Brainard St.
Naperville, IL 60540
630-637-5215 or 800-611-1861 ext. 5215