North Central College - Naperville, IL

Recycling & Waste

Illinois Food Scrap Coalition, We Compost

The College is a founding institution of the Illinois Food Scrap Coalition's We Compost program. This is a recognition program that promotes businesses and institutions that participate in a commercial compost program. NCC is a Gold Partner for demonstrating the highest level of commitment to food scrap diversion by composting both pre-consumer and post-consumer food scraps. Learn more at


Indoor/Outdoor Commingle Recycling

The commingle recycling program, both indoor and outdoor, provides the campus community with the opportunity to easily recycle a variety of paper, metal, plastic and glass materials. Recycling bins are conveniently located throughout campus in building common areas, offices, cafeterias,  kitchens, offices, residence halls and select outdoor locations. Refer to Recycle Right! posters found throughout campus for a list of recyclable items.

Carpet Recycling

Used carpet removed from buildings is delivered to a carpet recycling vendor to be recycled. The maintenance recycled carpet throughout the year and student carpets are collected at the end of the year.  The carpet is remanufactured into new carpet or fiber padding. 

Battery Recycling

The College offers a safe and environmentally friendly way to dispose used batteries. Battery recycling containers are located in lounge areas at all residence halls, the mailroom and White Activities Center lobby. This program encourages the campus community to recycle materials that would otherwise leak toxic chemicals into the soil and groundwater near landfills. 

Red Bottle Program

The College distributes red refillable North Central College bottles to students as part of its reusable bottle program. In partnership with Chartwells, the on-campus food service vendor, red bottle drink refills are discounted in campus dining facilities. Each time students reuse a red bottle, they are making the sustainable choice of reducing waste.