North Central College - Naperville, IL

Mironda K. Heston Scholarship for Human Service

The Mironda K. Heston scholarship is awarded annually in an amount up $2,500.00 to one or more North Central College students, providing funding for recipients to work in a human rights and service capacity at home or abroad. The scholarship honors Mironda Heston, a 2002 graduate of the College, who died from an illness contracted in Haiti while working to improve health care delivery to people with great need. This scholarship is awarded to the student who best encompasses the spirit of humanitarianism that was exemplified by Mironda and in doing so, remembers Mironda by displaying a similar enthusiasm for humanitarianism.

Scholarship Details

  • North Central College upperclass students of all majors are eligible.
  • Scholarship funds may be used for travel and program related expenses including, airfare, transportation, lodging, meals, necessary supplies for the service work and/or program fees.
  • The scholarship is awarded in the Winter term. Thus, student’s typically embark on and complete their project over the following summer. Spring break projects may also be appropriate.
  • Recipients must provide a written summary of their efforts upon completion of the funded work and serve as presenter(s) of the scholarship in successive years.
  • Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis throughout the academic year. 

Mironda K. Heston Scholarship Application Requirements

  • A copy of your completed courses and grades (this information can be found and printed through your Merlin account)
  • Two (2) letters of reference, at least one of which should come from a member of the North Central College faculty;
  • To assist the committee in reviewing your application, include copies of any documents, pamphlets or print-outs that describe the site or project toward which you will apply the scholarship funds; and
  • Written responses to the following questions:
  • What two accomplishments are you most proud of and why?
  • What are your major areas of involvement both on and off-campus?  How did you choose them?
  • The Heston Scholarship is designed to enable students to explore human service as a life-long vocation.  Please describe carefully your understanding of human service and vocation.  What do these ideas mean to you?  Why are they important to you?
  • Please describe, in detail, how you would use the Heston scholarship to take on a public service role.  Please address specifically what you will do, for whom you will do it, where and when the role will be performed and why it is worthy of our support.  A tentative and estimated budget identifying no more than $2500.00 in spending should be part of your response to this question.

Past Scholarship Recipients

2013-2014 Recipient: Danara Barlow

Danara Barlow used her grant proceeds to assist in developing "Project Better," a program in Joliet that "focuses on increasing opportunities for college access among youth in grades 8 through 12.  Fairview Homes is a low income housing development in Joliet and is also the target community for Project Better.   Within the community, there are 168 housing units operated by the Joliet Housing Authority.  Most of the occupants are living well below the poverty level and most of the children are being raised in single parent homes.I am intimately familiar with this community because it is the neighborhood that I grew up in for most of my childhood."  Danara led a number of college visits and developed a curriculum for pre-college students to assist them with future applications.

2013-2014 Recipient: Taylor Harrison

Taylor Harrison who used her grant proceeds to travel to Neustros Pequeños Hermanos.  NPH is "a non-profit organization headquartered in Honduras that provides a home, an education, and love for thousands of children from over five countries in Latin America.  Unique to NPH is that they have homes for both mentally challenged boys and girls, along with a home for the elderly who havebeen abandoned by their families."  Taylor produced a photo-journal depicting and profiling a number of those served at NPH, so our students and other constituencies can understand in a fresh way the challenges many must overcome.  A portion of her grant proceeds will pay to publish the photo-journal for distribution on and off our campus.

2008-2009 Recipient: Casey Graham

Casey traveled to Kenya, Africa to create two music rooms for two different centers, 'Anita Home' & 'Tone La Maji', for former street children in Kenya. These rooms were able to provide an outlet for creative freedom, growth in comprehension of musical notation/technique, as well as a way to hold to the traditional African musical stylings.

2007-2008 Recipient: Daniel Tice

Dan was a pre-med, biology major who went to southwestern Ghana to deliver volunteer medical services to the poor. He did so through an organization called Projects Abroad, an NGO that coordinates service volunteers in medical settings.

2006-2007 Recipient: Kim Brook

Kim traveled to Macha, Zambia to develop sports programs in several local public and private elementary schools.  She also developed a similar set of programs for the Macha community center and personally trained the teachers in each school.

2005-2006 Recipient: Cara Jacobs

Cara was an elementary education major with a minor in Spanish who traveled to San Miguel, Mexico. Cara assembled a complete set of library materials, constructed the actual physical library, created a comprehensive children's literacy program and trained Casa Hogar volunteers in delivering it.