North Central College - Naperville, IL

Meet Your First-Year Mentors

Taylor Harrison - Morton, Illinois

Studying: English and History

Favorite thing about North Central: My favorite thing about North Central is that we are all truly a family. You aren't just a number, every person on campus has a special place here.

What she enjoys most about her FYM position: my favorite thing about being an FYM is being able to help in any way possible to make the transition from high school to NCC a smooth one for first years.

What Taylor does in her free time: In my free time I love writing creatively and reading anything I can get my hands on. Also, I may or may not watch Disney movies more than I should.

Taylor’s tip for incoming students: My best tip for incoming students is to make friends with anyone and everyone you can. Make connections with faculty and staff. Find your niche here on campus, it might be a difficult game of hide and seek but you'll find it eventually! Don't give up :)


Rebecca Rachan - Lemont, Illinois

Studying: Mathematics and Secondary Education

Favorite thing about North Central: There’s too any to choose from! I love the small class sizes and how involved the professors are because it encourages me to participate and get more out of each class. Outside of the classroom, I love that NCC always has an event or activity going on, so I am always having fun.

What she enjoys most about her FYM position: I enjoy getting to know the incoming first-years at NCC and sharing what I learned during my first year to help make their transition to college as smooth as possible.

What Rebecca does in her free time: Reading, cooking, spending time with my family.

Rebecca’s tip for incoming students: Get involved and take risks! Find what you are passionate about and join, or start, a club that you are interested in.


Mark Vear - Glenview, Illinois

Studying: Political Science

Favorite thing about North Central: The professors and all the friendly people.

What he enjoys most about his FYM position: Being able to help incoming freshman with the transition into college life.

What Mark does in his free time: Training for triathlons, singing, and watching Game of Thrones.

Mark’s tip for incoming students: Manage your time well and find a good group of friends.


Jesek West - Cerro Gordo, Illinois

Studying: Musical Theatre and Broadcast Communications

Favorite thing about North Central: I love the friendly atmosphere. It’s rare to walk across campus and not see someone you know. It really makes NCC feel like home as opposed to just a school.

What she enjoys most about her FYM position: I love getting to answer questions. There is so much to learn at NCC and many questions are hard to answer unless you’ve actually been through it yourself. Getting the opportunity to share what I’ve learned here is the greatest feeling.

What Jesek does in her free time: Being a theatre student, free time is hard to come by. Nevertheless, I still feel like rehearsal and performances are an amazing way to spend my free time. Our departments are all really close and what we do is a blast even if sleep may take a back seat sometimes.

Jesek’s tip for incoming students: Stay on top of your schedules. If you stay on track with all of your classes and extra activities you won’t be nearly as stressed and you’ll have more time to do fun things in the long run. Trimesters are much more intense than most of you will be used to, but it’s not as scary if you go in prepared.


Rae Lindenberg - Wilmette, Illinois

Studying: Theatre and Broadcast Communication

Favorite thing about North Central: Hard to pick I allowed to say Carin Silkaitis? (If not, then I’ll say my friends and OStaff!)

What she enjoys most about her FYM position: I love NCC and I love being with student at this new, scary but exciting transitional period in their life and I like being able to be there for them.

What Rae does in her free time: Watching TV, baking, and being a Tumblr addict.

Rae’s tip for incoming students: As I always say to my students, “ETA: Embrace the Awkward”. Everyone is in the same boat when coming to college and everyone is trying to find their groove. Making friends isn’t going to be as easy as it was in high school so embrace the awkward (‘cause it’s there - no dancing around the fact). Sometimes the greatest things can come from the most awkward may even make some lifelong friends like I did!


Melissa Hurley - Sterling, Illinois

Studying: Sociology, Psychology, and Religion Studies

Favorite thing about North Central: Small class sizes; you really get to know people.

What she enjoys most about her FYM position: I love working with new students and helping them see all of the awesome things North Central has to offer.

What Melissa does in her free time: Playing intramural sports!

Melissa’s tip for incoming students: Get involved. There is something here for everyone!


Christina Richardson - Spring Valley, Illinois

Studying: Accounting and Finance

Favorite thing about North Central: Hands down, my favorite part of North Central is wonderful people who will do anything and everything for each other.

What she enjoys most about her FYM position: I love North Central and believe that NCC played a huge role in my success thus far. Being an FYM allows me to give back to NCC by helping new students make the most of their experience and just emphasizes the family atmosphere that I love!

What Christina does in her free time: I love to run, do yoga, Pinterest crafts, shop, and student life.

Christina’s tip for incoming students: My one tip is to put your time into relationships. Relationships with friends, professors, staff members of the offices on campus, etc. If you aren’t connecting with these people, you’ll be missing out on the best parts of this campus and they’ll be missing out on you!


Liz Halbmaier - Burlington, Illinois

Studying: Marketing, Small Business Entrepreneurship, and Studio Art

Favorite thing about North Central: There are so many things I love about NCC but the primary reasons I love the school are the community and people. The community is what made me decide to come to NCC and the reason I have stayed. The faculty and staff really care and want to help you succeed as not only a student but a person. The leadership opportunities are endless and will give you that competitive edge beyond your degree.

What she enjoys most about her FYM position: What I enjoy most about being an FYM is helping first year students transition into being leaders and confident individuals in their first year of college. I love building relationships with my students and building that trust. Of course, this is the best staff on campus with the best people you can find and I enjoy being able to work with such great friends!

What Liz does in her free time: If I could sleep all day I would, but that wouldn’t be very practical. I have a huge movie collection and love watching movies and reality TV with my friends. I am an artist and enjoy painting and drawing pictures for my friends and family.

Liz’s tip for incoming students: Don’t overload yourself! Being realistic on what you are capable of and don’t feel like you have to do everything in your first year. Try new things out and see what really interests you. There are so many great student organizations out their for students to get involved with that will really benefit you in the long run. Go on a service trip, join different clubs and go to events you never thought you would. You have four years, make them worth it!


Kailey Schlosser - Hoffman Estates, Illinois

Studying: Elementary Education

Favorite thing about North Central: All of the amazing opportunities.

What she enjoys most about her FYM position: Seeing the students succeed in their first year at NCC.

What Kailey does in her free time: Hang out with friends.

Kailey’s tip for incoming students: Take advantage of everything NCC has to offer and get involved!


Chris Pascoe- Joliet, Illinois

Studying: Economics and Finance

Favorite thing about North Central: Peanut Butter Proteins from The Cage! No but seriously, I love how the campus atmosphere feels like NCC is one big family. I also have to give a shout out to the fact that NCC is literally minutes walking-distance away from downtown Naperville.

What he enjoys most about his FYM position: Having the opportunity to meet and get to know my awesome incoming class.

What Chris does in his free time: Tweeting celebrities for their autograph. I wish I was joking, but I'm not. I'm also a big fan of Netflix and the Investigative History Channel.

Chris’ tip for incoming students:  Never be afraid to go to your professor's office and ask for help.


Brian Failing - Lisle, Illinois

Studying: Urban & Suburban Studies and History

Favorite thing about North Central: I love the small school atmosphere. I have enjoyed being able to do everything from study abroad and work on research with my professors.

What he enjoys most about his FYM position: I enjoy working with first year students as I want to make sure that they have the opportunity to take full advantage of North Central and all it has to offer. I like being able to help my students get involved and have many different experiences.

What Brian does in his free time: I enjoy relaxing and watching movies. I love to watch comedies and action movies, but I also like catching up on my shows like Big Bang Theory, Bones, and Doctor Who.

Brian’s tip for incoming students: Be open to taking risks and doing different activities and classes as you never know where they will lead.