North Central College - Naperville, IL

Commitment & Involvement

North Central’s Sustainability Policy

Written by the Sustainability Committee and approved by Cabinet, the Sustainability Policy best explains the College’s intent to integrate sustainability into all facets of campus life. The policy defines sustainability in the context of the College culture and outlines principles focused on continuing progress toward a more sustainable campus community. The Sustainability Policy can be viewed as a PDF.

Sustainability Committee

Established by President Harold Wilde, the Sustainability Committee consists of  faculty, staff and students responsible for educating and encouraging the entire campus community to engage in sustainability actions and programs. For suggestions pertaining to campus sustainability initiatives or to get involved, e-mail

Green Scene

Green Scene is the student organization dedicated to environmental education. Members of the student group help in educating the student population about current sustainability initiatives and aid in developing and supporting new campus initiatives. The group also organizes volunteer opportunities. There will also be the “greening” of local communities.

Illinois Sustainable University Compact

President Harold Wilde signed the Illinois Sustainable University Compact, pledging Gold Level by 2015.  Actions outlined in the Compact include such initiatives as setting sustainability targets, monitoring progress, implementing new initiatives and integrating sustainability into core institutional principles.  Track progress on the Illinois Campus Sustainability Compact website. 

Master Land Use Plan

North Central’s 2010 Master Land Use Plan, incorporates sustainability principles and planning as the College looks toward the future. Specifically, recent initiatives in building development, alternative transportation and green space investments are spelled out in the Sustainability section. The opening of that section expresses the College’s commitment to sustainability:

“North Central College places a high value in creating an environmentally sustainable campus for its faculty, staff and students, and for the future of the institution. Sustainability is not only good practice from physical and financial perspectives, but also offers opportunities for the campus environment to support learning and attract prospective students and faculty who share in the College’s values.”