North Central College - Naperville, IL
Travis Morrison ’15 travelled to the foothills of Salt Lake City to intern with professors at the University of Utah.
The approach of finals week each term means some extra stress around campus but that’s forgotten for a little while when the dogs come to visit.
First-year students have the opportunity to take an interdisciplinary English 125 course.
Jack Ryan has two passions—musical theatre and mathematics—and decided that majoring in both would best suit his talents and future plans.
Emily Bishop grew up watching Hayao Miyazaki’s films, and “they were always beautiful to me, even as a child,” she says.
Brett Bush came to North Central College as a music education major after earning music, theatre and visual art scholarships.
Taylor Harrison went to Honduras over December Term and fell in love.
Al Willett isn’t a typical football player—or musician.
Kelleigh Kuehl, a mathematics major and physics minor, sees beautiful combinations between those disciplines along with art, architecture and history.
It’s important to stop and reflect on your life, your relationships, and everything you’ve learned along the way
New students can begin their college experience before North Central’s Welcome Week even begins with one of the multi-day Cardinal Camps.
The first two years of college have been the busiest, most hectic, most exciting years of my life—and I love it.
The use of Twitter in the classroom has become an area of academic research and expertise these professors have presented to their peers.
At North Central College, every major program can be enhanced through international study and travel.
We are truly committed to helping you have a successful college experience, both here and abroad.
There are so many opportunities and doors to walk through here.
North Central College provides its students with unique opportunities to develop skills within their chosen fields.
At North Central College, motivated students have limitless opportunities for conducting research, attending conferences and applying for grant funding.
North Central for several years has ranked among the top 5 percent in participation at the annual National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR).
Colin Loeffler discusses how his professors at North Central College helped him stand out as a graduate school applicant.