North Central College - Naperville, IL

Students explore cosmos, curiosities during D-Term

Physics major Juliano Lodi ’15
D-Term allows North Central students to relax, take courses for credit and explore new and exciting interests through Verandah Experiences.

Staying on campus during North Central College’s D-Term meant that Juliano Lodi ’15 (photo, right) could join his fellow classmates on a tour of the cosmos.

Rebecca Rachan ’16 attends prestigious math workshop

Rebecca Rachan ’16
North Central College mathematics major Rebecca Rachan ’16 participated in the Undergraduate Modeling Workshop at North Carolina State University.

Rebecca Rachan ‘16, a mathematics major at North Central College, participated in the Undergraduate Modeling Workshop May 18-23 at North Carolina State University. Rachan was one of 29 students from across the nation—from schools like Virginia Tech, Brown and Penn State—accepted into the prestigious workshop.

“When I got in, I was shocked and incredibly excited,” says Rachan, who completed her rigorous application with help from Marco Martinez, North Central College assistant professor of mathematics.

Students join efforts to revitalize communities in Detroit

Marissa Sylvester ’15, far left, gives her perspective
Of the many students who served nationwide during spring break, some traveled to Detroit to serve with a mission dedicated to economic disaster recovery work.

The sign beside the highway reads “Detroit: City Limits.” Well, it’s supposed to, but the graffiti makes it hard to see. Dilapidated houses and boarded strip malls pass the bus window. It’s spring break, and Marissa Sylvester ’15, biology major, traded sandy beaches for service.

“I could have gone home and relaxed,” says Sylvester. “But I wanted to do something significant and useful. Helping others means much more to me than sleeping late.”

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