North Central College - Naperville, IL

Kristina Bonn

Admission Operations Manager
(630) 637-5817
Chatham, Ill.
B.S. in mathematics (North Central College 2003), Master's of leadership studies: higher education (2011)

Favorite thing about North Central:
The community that I became a part of the day that I stepped on the campus.

Words I use to describe North Central students:
hard-working, reliable, and caring.

Why did I choose to become a staff member at North Central?
The faculty and staff at North Central helped me so much over my four years as an undergraduate student that I wanted to serve students too.  When a full-time position was available in Admission during the spring of my senior year, I applied and actually found out that I got the job on my golden birthday!

Favorite Naperville Restaurants:
Egg Harbor (breakfast), Chipotle (lunch), Ted's Montana Grill (dinner)

Favorite Season in Naperville:
Spring. Everything is new and in bloom.  I tend to sneeze a lot though.

Advice to Students:
Take accountability for your actions or inactions.  I often remind students that you are adults and in charge of your future.  Get a calendar and keep track of your own schedule so you are on-time to class and on-time to events around campus.  Turn in all assignments, always go to class, and have open communication with faculty and staff members.  We are here to help you, but you will only find true success by being accountable for yourself.

About me:
I love music, theatre, sunflowers, and having jars of candy on my desk.