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How to Apply as a Transfer

Our next traditional start term possibility, Fall Term 2015, begins Monday, September 14th.  For full admission, financial aid and registration consideration, there is a target date of Friday, August 14th for Fall Term file completion.  If you cannot complete your file by this date, call our office at 630-637-5800 to discuss your situation.  We are also currently admitting students for our Winter Term 2016 (January 4th start) as well as for our Spring Term 2016 (March 28th start).

If you are in good academic standing at the last college or university you attended, you may apply to transfer to North Central College.  

  • To be competitive for admission, a 2.5 transferable grade-point average is preferred and student should have earned 27 or more transferable semester hours.
  • If you have not earned 27 transferable semester hours, your high school transcripts and ACT/SAT scores will also be required.

You may apply for admission throughout the year, although we encourage you to do so at least three months before you plan to enroll. We review applications on a rolling basis. Once we have a complete file for admission, you will hear from your transfer admission counselor within 10 business days.

A complete file for transfer admission consists of:

1. An Undergraduate Application for Admission
Select one of the following methods to obtain an application:

  • Online
  • Download a printable version
  • Call 630-637-5800 to request an application by mail
  • Email us at to request an application by mail

2. Official college or university transcripts from all schools in which you were previously enrolled. We confirm prior enrollment through a national student database.

  • Download and use our Transcript Request Form. Note: You must send this form directly to your prior colleges and universities; North Central College cannot request transcripts from other schools on your behalf.
  • View the Transfer Credit Policy.  
  • We calculate a transferable grade point average after we’ve determined which courses will transfer.  This grade point average will be used not only to make an admission decision about your application, but it will also be your starting grade-point average at North Central College.

3. Official high school transcripts

  • Download our Transcript Request Form and send directly to your previously attended schools to request official transcripts.
  • To enroll as degree-seeking at North Central College, you need to have a high school diploma or a recognized equivalent of a high school diploma
  • North Central College does not accept degree-seeking students who only meet requirements to show an ability to benefit or who are only beyond the age of compulsory attendance in the state of Illinois
  • To evaluate the validity of a student's high school diploma if the school or the Secretary has reason to believe that the diploma is not valid, the Office of Admission contacts the registrar or counseling office at the high school in question for confirmation of the diploma’s validity.  If the diploma was not obtained from an entity that provides secondary school education, the Office of Admission would require the student to provide alternate documentation showing they have a recognized equivalent of a high school diploma.  Student self-certification is not sufficient documentation, and if the Office of Admission is not able to validate the high school diploma, the applicant cannot appeal the decision not to validate the diploma.

4. Official ACT or SAT scores if fewer than 27 transferable credits have been earned (official scores on a high school transcript will be accepted)

  • ACT, North Central College code: 1096
  • SAT, North Central College code: 1555

5. OPTIONAL information we will consider:

  • Writing samples
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Documentation of extenuating circumstances

6.  For full financial aid consideration, complete or update your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) with our college code 001734.

If you have questions about any of the above items, contact your transfer admission counselor to discuss your interest in transferring to North Central College. We highly encourage an individual appointment and transfer planning session for all transfer students. Call 630-637-5800.


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