North Central College - Naperville, IL

Scholarships and Financial Aid


Alumni Admission Graduate Student Scholarship Program

The North Central College Graduate Alumni Scholarship is available to new students entering summer/fall.  Incoming students must be recommended by an alumnus/alumna of the graduate program.  Full-time students are awarded $1000 annually for a maximum of 9 terms.  Part-time students are awarded $500 annually for a maximum of 9 terms.  


North Central College administers federal, state and private sources of financial aid. Nearly 90% of North Central students receive some type of financial aid. All students seeking financial aid must meet general eligibility requirements regarding citizenship, financial need and satisfactory academic progress. Please be advised, students must be degree-seeking, not students at large, and be enrolled at least half time to qualify for federal aid. Graduate students are not eligible for all types of financial aid, but there are many different types of resources available to you to help you fund your education.  Federal educational loans may have advantages over consumer loans, including lower interest rates and more favorable repayment terms.  The Office of Financial Aid is available to answer any questions you may have.  You can contact them by email or by calling (630) 637-5600.


2014-2015 Academic Year Course (3 hours)*
Flexible M.B.A. $2,475
Master of International Business Administration $2,475
MS Web and Internet Applications $2,115
MS Management Information Systems $2,115
Master of Arts in Liberal Studies $2,088
Master of Leadership Studies $2,088
Master of Arts in Education $1,662
Senior Scholars (over age 60) $555
Graduate Thesis Continuation Fee $440

* 3 credit hours/term is considered half-time for graduate students; 6 credit hours/term is considered full-time for graduate students.

Although the Office of Financial Aid will help eligible students with a portion of the costs, you may have a remaining balance not covered by institutional, state or federal aid. Some options for covering the remaining balance include a payment plan or private student loans.