North Central College - Naperville, IL


Research activity contributes to the academic vitality of the North Central College community. 

Research supports faculty scholarship, leading to publication, presentation, and active problem solving and policy making across the professions. Faculty and staff leadership and participation in a number of national professional associations ensures that cutting edge research, including research related to higher education, also makes its way back into the classroom and into campus planning.

Students develop classroom research skills that extend far beyond coursework to independent and group projects shared with internal and public audiences in such forums as North Central's Rall Symposium, the National Council of Student Research, and the National Honors Council.  Joint faculty-student research initiatives are supported during the summer months, providing motivated students with unique opportunities to pursue advanced study in a professional setting. 

And the campus at large hosts an ambitious cultural events calendar, an annual Self-Employment in the Arts Conference, along with national conferences for organizations such as the Masters of Liberal Studies Association, the Association for Integrative Studies, the Center for East-West Studies, and the Midwest East Asian Studies  Association.

To learn more about research at North Central, see our Faculty Research and Student Research pages.