North Central College - Naperville, IL

Scribe and Transcription Services

Scribe and transcription services for papers, assignments and exams are available for students who are unable to write or type due to disability-related needs. Scribe and transcription services require advance planning and notification. Eligible students who plan to use this service need to provide notice to the Center for Student Success at least seven business days in advance to schedule an appointment with a scribe.

In order to maintain academic integrity, the student be required to voice his/her desires of the transcriber. For example, the student must say “period” at the end of each sentence in order for a period to appear. The transcriber will not be responsible for sentence structure.  

The transcriber will use spelling and grammar check programs in order to check for transcription errors in the final document. However, the student is required to proofread the document to insure accuracy of the transcription. If the transcriber is unsure of the spelling of a word or name, they will indicate it in the text immediately after the word with the following mark “SP”. Once transcribed, the document will be sent as an email attachment directly to the student’s email account for review and final editing.