North Central College - Naperville, IL

Note-Taking Services

A student who receives a Note-Taking Accommodation should visit the Center for Student Success and receive a Note-Taker Accommodation card.

In order to obtain a note-taker for each class, please choose one of the following:

  1. Ask a student in class to volunteer and provide him/her with the Note-Taker Accommodation card.
  2. Ask the professor to read the card in class to obtain a note-taker (there is a scripted statement on the card).

If a student is not able to secure a note-taker through the above two options, he/she should contact the Center for Student Success.

The note-taker must register with the Center for Student Success in order to be considered a note-taker. Please ask them to bring the Note-Taker Accommodation card to the Center for Student Success to register.

Receiving a Note-Taking Accommodation does not mean an accommodated student is exempt from taking notes.

  • A student who works with a note-taker is still required to take notes in class unless the disability precludes it. Utilizing a note-taker provides access to additional notes enabling a student to fill in missing information.
  • Students who receive a note-taking accommodation must attend class in order to receive note-taking services. Exceptions are made when absences are due to an emergency. Note-takers are not required to take notes for students choosing to be absent from class. If a student is absent more than twice in a term, the note-taker will bring his/her notes to the Center for Student Success. The note-taker is not made available so a student may be absent from class.
  • In order to retrieve notes due to unexcused absences, the student must schedule an appointment in the Center for Student Success. At that time, a Center for Student Success staff member will discuss attendance habits and reserves the right to suspend the note-taking accommodation. The Center for Student Success should be contacted by any student who will be absent for a significant amount of time. This allows the Center for Student Success to notify the note-taker about the absences and approve continued note-taking services when appropriate.
  • It is the student's and the note-taker's responsibility to arrange how the notes will be transferred. If a student has difficulty retrieving notes, please contact the Center for Student Success
  • It is optimal that notes be provided to the student on the day the class occurred.