North Central College - Naperville, IL

Faculty Notification

The Center for Student Success requires students to communicate directly with their professors regarding accommodations. In an effort to promote self-advocacy skills, students will notify their professors of all accommodations with the following procedure:

  1. Each term, the student should stop by the Center for Student Success to pick up letters of notification for each one of his/her professors.
  2. Prior to the beginning of a term or during the first week of classes, the student should meet with each of his/her professors and obtain their signatures on the letter documenting accommodatinos for the course as well as have any Test Scheduling forms completed and signed. This will enable the student to discuss which accommodations he/she will be using for the term. Students who choose to notify their professor after week one, may experience a delay in receiving accommodations.
  3. Signed notification letters need to be returned to the Center for Student Success as soon as possible. A delay in accommodations may occur until the letters are received by the Center for Student Success.
  4. The professor should be referred to the Center for Student Success with any questions or concerns.   

Please Note: North Central College is not required to provide accommodations to students who have not provided documentation of a disability and/or failed to self-identify to professors.