North Central College - Naperville, IL

Exam Accommodation

The Academic Support Center provides exam accommodation services to eligible students. In conjunction with current professor(s), eligible students may make arrangements to take exams in the Academic Support Center rather than in class. It is the student's responsibility to initiate this service and to comply with the following procedures:

  1. The student should visit the Academic Support Center to pick up a Test Scheduling form for each test that will be taken for the term. 
  2. The Test Scheduling form has a student section and a professor section. The professor must complete and sign his/her portion of the form. A Test Scheduling form must be completed, in full, for each test.
  3. The Test Scheduling form must be submitted to the Academic Support Center no later than two business days (Monday through Friday) before the exam date. If a reader or scribe is required for an exam, the form must be returned to the Academic Support Center no later than four business days. 

If the Test Scheduling form is not submitted on time, the student may not receive test accommodations.