North Central College - Naperville, IL

Attendance Policies

Attendance is an integral part of the learning process. Therefore, attendance policies are set up by professors at the individual course and department levels. Similarly, professors determine policies in regards to make-up work and missed quizzes/exams. Professors are not required to alter their standards for accommodation purposes.

Students are responsible for following each instructor's requirements regarding attendance and make-up policies. Most professors include this information in their course syllabus. If a student is not sure about a professor's policies, he/she should request clarification.

For episodic conditions (i.e. chronic conditions that may unpredictably debilitate), the Academic Support Center may include a statement on the accommodation letter which indicates that periodic disability-related absences may occur. This statement verifies the legitimacy of periodic absences and may be used by students with these conditions to initiate discussions of attendance and make-up policies and procedures with professors.

Please contact the Academic Support Center for any substantial absences. When appropriate, a notice will be sent to professors alerting them that the absences are for a disability-related condition. Documentation may be required to substantiate multiple or prolonged absences.