North Central College - Naperville, IL

Instructions for Online Grading

Grades are submitted online through Merlin

  1. From Merlin, choose "Faculty Menu" and then select "Grading" and log in to the system.
  2. Click on the drop-down arrow by "Term", select the current term, and click on "Submit."
  3. To select a section for grading, do one of the following:
    1. For Midterm Grades - choose "Midterm/Intermediate" at the drop-down arrow then check on the box next to the section you wish to grade and click "Submit."
    2. For Final Grades - choose "Final" at the drop-down arrow then check on the box next to the section you wish to grade and click "Submit."
  4. Entering Grades:
    1. Type the letter grades for a student in the Grade column. Use the tab key or the cursor to move to the next student. DO NOT HIT "ENTER."
    2. If a student officially dropped or withdrew from the course, their name will not appear on the grade roster. If a student stopped attending class, assign whatever grade was earned at term's end.
    3. When a grade of “F” is assigned you MUST either enter the student’s last date of attendance or, if appropriate, check the “Never Attended” box.
    4. If an "I" (incomplete) grade is given, in the "Expire Date" box, enter the date provided in the email memo from the Office of the Registrar. Please email and list the student's name, the course, and the reason for the incomplete. If you are unsure what date to enter, contact Brooke or enter Friday of Week Five of the following term.  Incompletes from Spring AND Summer expire Friday of Week Five of Fall Term.
    5. After entering all grades (and dates, if appropriate), click "Submit." Note that Merlin's timeout feature will log you out automatically if it takes more than 20 minutes from the time you selected the section to when you click "Submit." Be sure your grades are ready before you begin data entry.
  5. If a student attended class but is not on the roster, please email and include the student's name, grade, and comments for follow-up.
  6. If you have more than one section, click "Grading" and repeat steps 2-5.
  7. After entering all of your grades, double check that your grades were received and are accurate by repeating steps 2-5 for each section. You may change grades entered incorrectly until the Registrar's Office has posted them to the student's transcript. After that point, you will need to contact the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.