North Central College - Naperville, IL

Changes in Registration

The first step in making any change of schedule or program is to consult the faculty advisor. All enrollments in the College or in courses, as well as all withdrawals from the College or courses, are to be officially completed within the prescribed timelines. Informal attendance or withdrawal is not recognized.

Adding courses - Beginning the first day of a term an instructor's signature is required to add a class through the add/drop period.
Dropping courses - A student may drop a course as follows:

  • Through the eighth day of the term a student may cancel enrollment in a course without grade or notation on the academic record, if all official steps are completed by that date.
  • From the ninth day through the end of the sixth week of the term, or through the third week for a course which is five weeks long, a student may withdraw with the notation of WD on the academic record.
  • After the sixth week of the term, or the third week of a five-week course, a student who does not complete a course will receive a letter grade in the course.
  • The date of withdrawal is the date that withdrawal procedures are officially completed. Absence from classes does not constitute withdrawal from a course.

Any student contemplating dropping a course is advised to consult the Office of Financial Aid since a student whose course load falls below eight credit hours may immediately forfeit certain types of financial aid. Student athletes should consult the faculty athletics representative or the registrar before dropping below eight credit hours. A student who registers as a full-time student and then drops to part-time status during the term more than three times will become ineligible for further financial assistance administered by NCC.