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The Alliance for Global Education

Contemporary India: Development, Economy, Society

Pune, India

Fall Term

M. Holaway India

NCC student Marissa Holaway studied abroad in Pune, India for fall 2014


Program Overview 

Home to many of India’s top academic institutions, Pune—a city of 3.5 million people—offers a wealth of culturalresources and hosts many of the country’s most forward-thinking NGOs. Students in the Alliance’s Contemporary India program enroll in a 15-credit curriculum consisting of a required core course; a fieldbased component which consists of an internship, directed research project or documentary film; and three additional courses chosen from social justice, public health, development economics, film studies and Hindi language. Co-curricular classes in dance, art and music are also offered. Two excursions outside of Pune highlight the geographic and cultural diversity of the State of Maharashta.

Two additional Alliance programs in India are available: a program in Manipal concentrates on public health, while a second in Varanasi focuses on South Asian and religious studies.

Alliance for Global Education in Pune, India


Internships are available



Junior or senior standing; GPA 3.0 preferred with substantial coursework in major



Students earn 15 credits abroad. All grades earned abroad affect students North Central College GPA when transferred back. Students cannot take courses pass/fail.

Note:  Students must have courses pre-approved by North Central College prior to taking them abroad. If students change their course schedules while abroad, they must get this change approved. Some departments only permit students to take a certain number of courses that count toward their major abroad; by getting all courses pre-approved, this ensures that these courses will count towards their degrees.


Housing and Meals

Two types of housing are offered in Pune:  one with an Indian family (homestay), and the other in a shared apartment with other Alliance or Indian students. All students should prepare to share a room with another Alliance or Indian student. Housing is located at varying distances from the program center, and most students make their daily commute by auto rickshaw.


Estimated Costs

Students in Direct Enrollment programs (i.e. Alliance for Global Education in Pune, India) pay North Central College tuition plus a $3,500 program fee. This fee includes placement, orientation and guidance fees, as well as standard self-catered housing. The College selects accommodations; if students choose to upgrade, they are responsible for paying any difference in cost. Unless otherwise noted, the fee does not include airfare, travel to and from airport, meals, visa fees, departure tax, books, national insurance, personal travel or spending money. North Central College financial aid does apply.



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Last Updated: October 30, 2015