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Ruge Fellows

The Ruge Fellowship Program recognizes North Central College senior faculty members who affirm the highest aspirations for teaching and excellence in their educational practices. Named for one of the College's most distinguished graduates — the program is designed to promote and reward excellence in teaching among senior faculty. Upon receipt of the Ruge Fellow title, awardees are acknowledged as campus leaders who are expected to witness for the continuing importance of great teaching and play a role in shaping the dialogue on campus about teaching.

Named in 2006, these two faculty members are the first recipients of the Ruge Fellow honor:

In 2007, they were joined by three additional honorees:

Past holders of the Ruge Fellow title are Andrew Whitaker who held the honor from 2006 - 2008 before being named the Grantman Professor of Business and Economics, and Diane Anstine who was also a Ruge Fellow from 2009-2011 before being named the  Mary Schneller Rosar Professor of Economics.

"These senior faculty members approach the classroom with teaching styles that are very different from one another, yet share the distinction of achieving extraordinary teaching and student learning" says R. Devadoss Pandian, North Central College vice president for academic affairs and dean of faculty. "This level of great teaching is what the Ruge Fellowship honors," Pandian said. "It is what we celebrate in recognizing these exceptional faculty members for their contributions to the environment of teaching and academic excellence that exemplifies a North Central College education."

Applicants undergo a rigorous selection process. Internal and external reviewers evaluate personal statements detailing their teaching philosophy and methods, their goals as teachers, ways they implemented their philosophies and goals, as well as student course evaluations and references.

The entire North Central College community congratulates our Ruge Fellows upon their achievements.

Dr. Daniel Ruge, Class of 1939

White House physician during President Ronald Reagan's first term, Dr. Dan Ruge received his medical degree in 1945 from Northwestern University and joined its faculty, becoming a professor of surgery. At Northwestern, he also received a master's in surgery and a doctorate in surgery. 

Dr. Ruge was a medical resident to Dr. Loyal Davis, Chicago's first brain surgeon and stepfather of Nancy Reagan, and became Davis' partner in a Chicago practice for more than 20 years. He practiced at Northwestern Memorial Hospital where he served as chief of staff and chairman of its neurosurgery division. He also joined the Veterans Administration practicing in VA hospitals in Chicago and Washington, D.C.

Dr. Ruge served on North Central College's Board of Trustees and was elected chairman in 1975. He passed away in August 2005.