North Central College - Naperville, IL

2012 Honors Theses

Congratulations to the following College Scholars who have completed their Honors Theses for the 2011-2012 academic year:

Veronica Blue Excellence in Early Literacy Instruction: A Case Study of the Implementation of Scotland’s ‘A Curriculum for Excellence’ in Primary Education
Directed by: Dr. S. Leu 2nd Reader: Dr. A. Durkin Keating

Ashley Cherven-Cook The Assyrian Dream: Social Solidarity in Diaspora
Directed by: Dr. M. Krystal 2nd Reader: Dr. A. Durkin Keating

Carolyn Englund The Forgotten: World War II's Effects on the Polish
Directed by: Dr. D. Fisher 2nd Reader: Dr. A. Durkin Keating

Rachel Garthe The Effects of Parenting on Late Adolescent Aggression, Bullying Behaviors and Peer Victimization
Directed by:
Dr. P. Schacht 2nd Reader: Dr. A. Grim Buxbaum

Kara Hoover The Ascent from Darkness: An American-Japanese Boy Growing Up in Japan
Directed by: Prof. J. Brodhead 2nd Reader: Dr. F. Matsubara

Julie Jarosz Relative Pitch and Absolute Pitch in the Choral Setting
Directed by: Dr. R. Wis 2nd Reader: Dr. N. Rivera

Jessica Kidd Be Fruitful and Multiply...But Why?: Childfree Women and the State of Sex Education, Voluntary Sterilization, and Societal Expectations
Directed by: Dr. W. Koenig 2nd Reader: Dr. L. Azarbad

Megan King A Study on Pedagogical Changes in Spanish Undergraduate Accounting Education: Universidad de Pablo de Olavide
Directed by: Prof. S. Lureau 2nd Reader: Dr. A. Grim Buxbaum

Kristin Kiper Mental Health Literacy: A Generational Gap in the Public's Knowledge and Perceptions of Mental Illness
Directed by: Dr. A. Azarbad 2nd Reader: Ms. C. Sipma-Dysico

Mary Kizior Reimagining the Journey of Self-Discovery and Transformation: Harry Potter and the Shifting Role of the Authority Figure in the Bildungsroman
Directed by: Df. J. Jackson 2nd Reader: Dr. D. Fisher

Katherine Lynn Legner Under the Circumstances: An Oulipian Exploration of the Rhetorical Argument
Directed by: Dr. S. Eaton 2nd Reader: Dr. K. Howe

Eric McKee The Effectiveness of Precious Metals and Other Commodities for Hedging Inflation
Directed by: Dr. D. Kim 2nd Reader: Dr. R. Moussetis

William Russell Miller Government Officials, a Closed Network, and Policy Formation in the Northwest Territory, 1780-1830
Directed by: Dr. A. Durkin Keating 2nd Reader: Dr. A. Grim Buxbaum

Carrie Myers Changes in the Demand of Accounting: A Closer Look over the Past Decade and Into the Future
Directed by: Prof. A. Hayes 2nd Reader: Dr. T. Clifton

Kayleigh Pryzgoda Creating the New Journalism Student through Media Convergence
Directed by: Dr. S. Macek 2nd Reader: Ms. E. Spencer

Em Rademaker Breadcrumbs Productions
Directed by: Dr. G. Wolf 2nd Reader: Dean K. Sluis

Kaleb Roggenkamp Representing Negative Numbers in a Ternary Computer
Directed by: Dr. M. Pons 2nd Reader: Dr. S. Renk

Brittnea Roozen Tuning in to the RTLM: How the Evolution of Language Influenced Perception in the Rwandan Genocide
Directed by: Dr. W. Macek 2nd Reader: Dr. H. Shulman

Emily Schmidt Men Don't Clean Toilets: An Examination of Judith Butler's Theory of Gender Perfomativity and Its Effects on Everyday Life
Directed by: Dr. S. Eaton 2nd Reader: Dr. K. Howe

Jenna K. Slack The ADR Angle: Examining Illegal Migration Issues through the Mediation Process
Directed by: Prof. T. Cavenagh 2nd Reader: Dr. W. Muck

Alexis Smith From a Cultural Necessity to a "Peculiar Predicament": The Story of Native American Captivity in the Southern Great Lakes and Ohio River Valley from 1776-1812
Directed by: Dr. A. Durkin Keating 2nd Reader: Dr. L. Long

Jessica Tatar Occupy English: The Benefit of an Undergraduate Degree in Challenging Economic Times
Directed by: Dr. J. Jackson 2nd Reader: Mr. J. Denard

Rebecca K. Tran Asthma and Depression: The Convergence of the Serotonin and Inflammation Pathways
Directed by: Dr. J. Visick 2nd Reader: Prof. M. Bohrer

Katelyn Van Lankvelt Library System in Change: An Examination of the RAILS Merger
Directed by: Dr. A. Durkin Keating 2nd Reader: Dr. J. Jackson