North Central College - Naperville, IL

2009 Honors Theses

Congratulations to the following College Scholars who have completed their Honors Theses for the 2008-2009 academic year:

Bashirah Abd Allah Native American Identity in Louise Erdich's "The Painted Drum" and "Love Medicine"
Directed by: Prof. L. Long 2nd Reader: Prof M. Krystal

Megan Adracki Advertising in Today's Society
Directed by: Prof. S. Macek 2nd Reader:  Prof. D. Smith

Morgan Brown Analysis on a Case Study of Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC)
Directed by: Prof. W. Muck 2nd Reader: Prof P. Martinez-Cruz

Jennifer Carlson Perceptions of Violence Against Women in the Military
Directed by: Prof. K. Kelley 2nd Reader: Prof. M. Berkland

Chris Cervantes Analysis and Implementation of Role Playing Game
Directed by: Prof. S. Renk 2nd Reader: Prof. T. Cavenagh

Claudia Chlebek The Digital Divide:  A Study of the Effect of Information & Communicating Technologies (ICT) on Economic Development
Directed by: Prof D. Anstine 2nd Reader: Prof. F. Navakas

Jeffrey Cisowski Economic Econometric Research
Directed by
: Prof. D. Anstine 2nd Reader: Prof. J Clifton

Victoria Collins International Marketing of an Unsubstitutable Product
Directed by: Prof. S. Renk

Brianna Gillies Attitudes Toward Math in School and Ways to Bring the Fun Back
Directed by: Prof. M. McMahon 2nd Reader: Prof. N. Keiser 

Lauren Hudson Hunting for Scandal:  The Press and the Presidency After Watergate
Directed by: Prof. W. Barnett 2nd Reader: S. Caliendo 

Brianna Hyslop Epistolary Orientalisms:  Travel Literature and the Western Gaze
Directed by: Prof. M. Bohrer 2nd Reader: Prof. S. Hand

Mark Jenkins Political Online Argumentation
Directed by: Prof. S. Caliendo 2nd Reader: Prof. T. Morris

Kurt Kamrath Is Hate a Speech Free Speech?
Directed by: Prof. T. Cavenagh 2nd Reader: Prof. D. Fisher

Amanda Kilinskis The Societal Pressures of Duc Henride Guise:  A Play
Directed by: Prof. N. Bard 2nd Reader: Prof. D. Palmes

Michelle Le Donne Opera as Text:  Representations of the Female in Opera Performance
Directed by: Prof. S. Eaton 2nd Reader: Prof. P. Ewell

Ashley Lisak Tokugawa, Revenge, and Modern Japanese Film
Directed by: Prof. D. Fisher

Sarah Martin The Evolution and Implications of Literacy Definitions
Directed by: Prof. M. Berkland 2nd Reader: Prof. L. Corsino

Trista Matt Denominational Discord:  The Effect of Religious Labels on Impression Formation
Directed by: Prof. H. Coon 2nd Reader: Prof. D. Janzen

Esther Jo Mc Carty Lives of the Karen People
Directed by: Prof. J. Keys 2nd Reader: Prof. A. Buxbaum

James Nebl The Reintegration of Hong Kong into Mainland China and the Effects Upon Democratization
Directed by:
Prof. B. Hoffert 2nd Reader: Prof. W. Muck

Krystle Noelle The Metamorphosis of Evil:  An East-West Philosophical Comparison of the Embodiment of Evil
Directed by:
Prof. D. Fisher 2nd Reader: Prof. F. Navakas

Karen Ocwieja Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries in the Female Athlete
Directed by:
Prof. H. Matthews 2nd Reader: Prof. K. Kelley

Brittany Sodora Haute Couture Fashion:  The Clamorous Coping Mechanism
Directed by: Prof. J. Jackson 2nd Reader: Prof. N. Bard

Kelsey Staudacher Sociological and Political Ramifications of Food Insecurite in Senegal
Directed by: Prof. J. Keys 2nd Reader: Prof. W. Muck

Miranda Thorpe The Effects of Body Symmetry on Athletic Performance and Self Efficacy
Directed by: Prof. K. Kelley 2nd Reader: Prof. M. Kincaid

Alyssa Vincent Pressing for Activism:  The Effectiveness of Feminist Publications
Directed by: Prof. S. Macek 2nd Reader: Prof. J. Jackson

Kelsey Wiseheart Games for Girls
Directed by: Prof. S. Renk 2nd Reader: Prof. J. Brodhead

Ben Youel The Effects of Two Signaling Pathways in Yeast on the Secondary Metabolites Important in the Brewing Process
Directed by:
Prof. J. Bjorklund 2nd Reader: Prof. S. Johnston