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Program and Degree Options

You can major or minor in Spanish at North Central College. A major requires 30 credit hours and the minor requires 18 credit hours. Like many others, you may want to take advantage of our strong Teacher Certification (K-12) in Spanish as well. That requires majoring in Spanish and some additional coursework, but it opens the door for you to land a great job at any level of education.

The elementary (101, 102, 103) and intermediate (201, 202, 250, 310) levels in Spanish must be taken sequentially. At the 300-400 levels you can choose from a variety of courses. SPN 310 must be completed before you take any other 300-level course, and at least two 300-level courses are required before SPN 490 or any other 400-level course.

Brazilian Street Dancers

NOTE: At least 30 hours are required at the 201-level or above including three credit hours at the 400-level, and a minimum of one 10-week term of study in a Spanish-speaking country. During the term abroad, a minimum of six credit hours must be earned in the Spanish language. Courses below SPN 310 may be taken for credit once SPN 310 has been successfully completed except with the consent of the Chair of the Department of Modern and Classical Languages.



Traveling Abroad

Heidi Nelson Costa Rica Fall 2012 sunset“I want to be a bilingual teacher so I studied abroad because I wanted to make my Spanish more authentic.   The Costa Rica Program is unique in that you take one course taught by an NCC faculty member and additionally receive internship credit.  My experience was “a las mil maravillas” (excellent)!  I truly immersed myself in the Tican culture by embracing the language, eating typical and traditional dishes, spending time with an amazing host family, learning how to Latin dance and most importantly learning about myself.  I am so much more confident with my Spanish now that I lived in Costa Rica for an extended period of time.  I would not have my newly found self-confidence or the wonderful Tican family and friends in Costa Rica had I not participated in this program.”  Heidi Nelson '15, Spanish & Elementary Education Major




Recent Topics Courses:

SPN 390 Topics

Hispanic Literature and Film
Hispanic Women and the Creative Mode
Releyendo el canon: Desarrollo del cuento latinoamericano
Teatro del siglo de oro: La mujer en la comedia de capa y espada


Int'l Fest 2011

Fusión Española Club


SPN 490 Seminars

La magia y la absurdidad
La literatura y el cine: Un apareamiento analitico
SP 2011-Fantasmas y naciones en la literatura latinoamericana contemporanea

This course will provide an overview of Latin American Literature focusing on texts that use the figure of the ghost to develop ideas about nation, and social experience