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Interactive Media Studies Courses

NOTE: This page contains all of the regular course descriptions for this discipline or program. Academic credit for each course is noted in parenthesis after the course title. Prerequisites (if any) and the general education requirements, both Core and All-College Requirements (ACRs), which each course fulfills (if any) are noted following each course description. Not all courses are offered every year. Check Merlin, our searchable course schedule, to see which courses are being offered in upcoming terms.

IMS 100 Introduction to Visual Literacy (3.00)
An art survey of the theories and practice of visual forms, especially as applied in interactive media. Theoretical instruction may include narratology, ut pictura poesis (relationships between word and image), and/or postmodernism; students engage these and other theories in constructing imagery. Same as: ART 100.

IMS 113 Multimedia Practicum (0.00-1.50)
Practical experience on the staff of the IMS online multimedia publication. Students may register for 0.00 or 1.00 credit hours for graded work as writers or editors, photographers, animators, artists, or designers. Registration for credit requires four hours of work on the publication per week. Editors may register for 1.5 credit hours of work on the publication. Enrollment is encouraged but not required of staff members. A maximum of six credit hours may be earned in IMS 113 multimedia practica. Prerequisite: IMS Major or Minor. Instructor consent required.

IMS 125 Computer Animation with Flash (1.50)
Course covers the fundamentals of animated computer graphics for web based delivery. Topics include: vector graphics, gradients, layers, drawing, animation, motion tweening, and interactivity in a timeline-based editor. Emphasis is placed upon using Flash to develop compact interactive animations that graphically communicate ideas. Same as: IFS 125.

IMS 200 Professional Writing for Digital Platforms (3.00)
Learning to write content for news and information purposes adapted to the formats used for web, applications and social media. Same as: ENG 200. Prerequisite: ENG 115 or ENG 125.

IMS 215 Introduction to Web Programming (3.00)
Topics include the use of PHP and Ruby for server-side generation of content. Also covers HTML/CSS and Javascript for client-side presentation, SQL databases for information management and retrieval, management of shopping carts and client sessions, and security. Extensive programming required. Same as: CSC 215. Prerequisite: CSC 161; IFS 115 recommended.

IMS 220 Video Editing and Production (1.50)
Principles of video editing and production. Topics include: cuts and splices, transitions, composition, video and text overlays, audio synchronization, multi-channel editing, streaming video, and croma-keying. Professional editing packages such as Adobe Premier and Final Cut Pro are used to produce short videos in formats suitable for delivery over CD/DVD, Web, and TV/Cable broadcast. Same as: IFS 220.

IMS 230 Digital Audio Editing & Production (1.50)
Principles of audio capture and manipulation. Topics include: physics of sound and hearing, analog to digital conversion, audio sampling and compression, sound decomposition and recomposition, sound effects, filtering distortion and noise, and multi-track editing and production. Same as: IFS 230.

IMS 260 Introduction to New Media (3.00)
This course offers an overview of the Internet and other forms of new media and examines their impact on human communication, culture, politics, and daily life. It covers the major themes in the sociological and cultural study of new media and includes some instruction in basic web design skills. Same as: SPC 260.

IMS 297 Internship (0.00-3.00)
Instructor consent required.

IMS 299 Independent Study (1.00-9.00)
Instructor consent required.

IMS 320 Motion Graphics (3.00)
In this course students will develop competencies in the design of graphics for screen-based animation. These include image, graphic and typographic elements. The course will focus on content development through an examination of work processes, software techniques and contemporary motion graphics. Lectures, projects and in-class exercises will address design, typography in motion, digital imaging, sequencing images, compositing images, and principles of motion. The final product of the assignments will be the creation of video files, the documentation of the design process and analysis of established works. Prerequisite: IMS 220, IFS/IMS 125, or instructor consent.

IMS 343 Digital Illustration and Prepress Production (3.00)
An in-depth exploration of digital illustration techniques and their uses as both tool and medium. The general focus is on technical operations and standardized procedures in preparation for offset printing. Digital illustration (primarily raster-based graphics) and their applications in publication design contexts constitute the bulk of the investigations; however, traditional illustration techniques are also utilized as an introduction in the advanced course. Same as: ART 343. Prerequisite: IMS 109.

IMS 382 Computer and Electronic Music (3.00)
Basic concepts and techniques of computer music research, composition, and performance. Topics include digital audio signal processing, MDI, computer programming for music, sound analysis and synthesis, algorithmic processes and various stylistic approaches to making electronic music. Students with advanced programming skills will be allowed to focus on software development and those with a stronger interest in musical creation may focus on various software and performance techniques. Same As: MUS 382 Instructor consent required.

IMS 390 Special Topics (3.00)
Exploration of a topic of current interest. Topics vary depending on student and faculty interest. May be taken more than once with different content. Prerequisite: Varies with topic.

IMS 397 Internship (0.00-3.00)
Instructor consent required.

IMS 397 Internship (0.00-9.00)
Instructor consent required.

IMS 399 Independent Study (1.00-9.00)
Instructor consent required.

IMS 490 Portfolio Workshop (3.00)
Working independently or in a small group under the direction of an IMS faculty advisor, students create original interactive media presentations. Required for all IMS majors. Prerequisites: Senior standing, IMS major.

IMS 497 Internship (0.00-3.00)
Instructor consent required.

IMS 499 Independent Study (1.00-9.00)
Instructor consent required.