North Central College - Naperville, IL

History of Ideas Faculty

Program Coordinator: Robert T. Lehe, Professor of Philosophy
Associate Professor of Religious Studies and History
B.A., University of Toronto, 1990; A.M., University of Hawaii, 1993; Ph.D., Harvard University, 2002
Office: 225 N. Loomis House, #23
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A. Jackson
Associate Professor of English; Director of the Writing Center and First-Year Writing
B.A., 1979, M.A., 1985, Miami University, Ohio; Ph.D., Rensselear Polytechnic Institute, 1992
Office: Kiekhofer Hall, #201
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N. Janacek
Associate Professor of History
B.A., University of Pittsburgh, 1984; M.A., The George Washington University, 1987; Ph.D., University of California, Davis, 1996.
Office: 225 N. Loomis House, #11
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Associate Professor of Religious Studies
B.Th., Canadian Mennonite University, 1992; M.Div., 1995, Ph.D., 1999, Princeton Theological Seminary
Office: 225 N. Loomis House, #12
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N. Kelley
Professor of Psychology; Director of First Year Experience
B.S., 1982, M.S., 1985, Ph.D., 1987, Virginia Commonwealth University
Office: Goldspohn Hall, #10
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T. Lehe
Professor of Philosophy; Coordinator of History of Ideas
A.B., Wheaton College, 1971; M.A., Northern Illinois University, 1979; Ph.D., University of Chicago, 1980
Office: 225 N. Loomis House, #14
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P. Morris
Professor of Philosophy
B.A., University of Iowa, 1973; A.M., 1976, Ph.D., 1984, University of Chicago
Office: 330 E. Van Buren, #200
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G. Navakas
Svend and Elizabeth Bramsen Professor in the Humanities; Professor of English; Director of Integrative Programs; Associate Academic Dean
B.A., University of Chicago, 1968; M.A., University of California at Berkeley, 1969; Ph.D., University of Chicago, 1972
Office: Old Main, #534
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D. Polinska
Professor of Religious Studies; Chairperson of Philosophy and Religious Studies
Magister of Microbiology, Warsaw University, 1986; M.Div., Bethel Theological Seminary, 1991; Ph.D., Princeton Theological Seminary, 1997
Office: 225 N. Loomis House, #13
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Assistant Professor of English
B.A., 2000, M.A., 2002, Jadavpur University, Ph.D. 2011, West Virginia University.
Office: Kiekhofer Hall, #205
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J. Wilders
Marie and Bernice Gantzert Professor in the Liberal Arts and Sciences; Professor of Mathematics; Chairperson, Division of Science; Director of the Lederman Scholars and Community Scholars
B.S., Carnegie-Mellon University, 1967; M.S., 1969, Ph.D., 1975, The Ohio State University
Office: Goldspohn Hall, #25
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