North Central College - Naperville, IL

Mission Statement

The English Department provides a scholarly setting for the study of writing and literature. The curriculum develops students' academic, professional, and creative skills, strengthening their aptitude for critical thinking and research.

We encourage knowledge of the literatures of diverse historical periods and cultures, broadening students' understanding of and facility with language. We ask students to explore how ethics and values inform reading and writing practices, to consider how culture is differently imagined, and to argue effectively about the conflicting values within and beyond our communities.

Our curriculum develops skills from introductory surveys through critical approaches to primary and secondary texts, and culminates in senior-level seminars on literature, writing, and journalism as professional endeavors. We train students to interpret the world through careful reading and analytic, persuasive writing in preparation for careers in teaching, writing, publishing, law, and many other fields.


Our Mission...

Our curriculum develops a student's academic, professional, and creative skills. 


Tea in Canterbury


Enjoying High Tea in Canterbury

Mary and Laura Kizior '12

  "Studying abroad gave us the opportunity of a lifetime." While in Canterbury, Mary and Laura had the opportunity to take classes with professors who are internationally renowned as experts in their fields of children's literature and Victorian crime fiction. The children's literature class provided the background for Mary's Senior Honors Thesis on children's literature. "There is nothing quite like getting to the chance to see the world and having a twin to share the experience with you."