North Central College - Naperville, IL

Placement Office

The placement coordinators are responsible for finding field experience and Residency (Student Teaching) placements for all students in the Teacher Education Program. They work with school districts within a thirty-mile radius of campus to place students throughout the academic year.  

They also seek out partnerships with school districts to make it possible for students to gain additional experience working with K-12 students through tutoring or other programs.

The placement coordinators also conduct orientation sessions for the field experience students and workshops for prospective student teachers each term.

Contact Information

Ms. Kelli Diaz - Coordinator, Elementary Field Experience and Partnerships
(630) 637-5738
Ms. Diaz can answer questions about elementary education placements.

Mrs. Judy Jackson - Coordinator, Secondary Field Experience and Partnerships
(630) 637-5744
Mrs. Jackson can answer questions about secondary and K-12 education placements.

Tara Sokol
Placement Office Assistant
(630) 637-5747