North Central College - Naperville, IL

East Asian Studies

Are you fascinated by East Asia? Our program will engage you in an intensive study of Chinese and Japanese language, history, religion, and culture, providing you with the essential foundation for a career that focuses on this region of the world.

Choose a specialization in China or Japan, study one or both languages, and even travel to East Asia on one of our study abroad  programs. Classroom language study in Chinese and Japanese is further supported by Chinese and Japanese “language tables” (informal gatherings where you meet with teachers to practice conversational Chinese or Japanese). You can also participate in campus organizations such as the Japan Club, the Anime Club and the International Club.

Graduates of our program are prepared for graduate study, life and work in East Asia, or careers in fields like business or international relations. You’ll not only learn to appreciate the distinctive cultural patterns of the Chinese and Japanese people, but to explore the diversity of human experience more generally!

A kimono is a must.

The breadth of academic offerings in Asian Studies in unusual for a college of North Central's size. And our North-Central-in China/Japan Program offers a rare opportunity to learn about both cultures in one study abroad experience. Here, participants in the first China/Japan semester model Japanese kimonos, showing off the handsome obis, or traditional sashes.