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Extra-curricular and professional activities that will enrich your Classical Civilizations Education

Many students have found classical civilization be a great complement to studies in philosophy, history, art history, pre-law or pre-medicine. Explore the possibilities!

In November 2012, Profs. Michael de Brauw and Wendy Koenig will lead a D-Term study tour to Rome and Athens. To learn more about this opportunity, click on the link below.

Trevi Fountain

D-Term Study Abroad

November 30-December 13, 2012

Rome and Athens:  Classicism and Cultures of Empire

In this 14-day study abroad course, while viewing masterpieces of Greek, Roman and Renaissance art, we will also examine the concept of Classical culture. As we shall see, the idea of the Classical was present of the origin of Art History. Many formalist concepts—created for the study of ancient art, such as motif, theme, and order—are still useful. But the idea of Classical art as timeless and universal is increasingly questioned, as scholars become more aware of the specific cultural contexts of Greek and Roman art and the symbolic importance of Classics in modern Europe. Beginning with a case study of the Parthenon Marbles and the ongoing international controversy surrounding their rightful ownership, we shall see that modern Europe’s appreciation of the Classical culture—as well as the production of Classical art in ancient Greece and Rome—have always been tied to the issue Empire. As a result, a reconsideration of ancient art in light of post-colonial and multicultural aesthetic concepts, such as syncretism, hybridity and cosmopolitanism, can reveal much about what that art meant in its original context and what it can mean for us in the future.

Travel Opportunities to Enhance your Education

Brianna Hyslop in Turkey








Classics major Brianna Hyslop '09 traveled to Turkey and Tunisia during D-term 2008 to explore the classical roots of Orientalism.