North Central College - Naperville, IL

Student Opportunities

Extra-curricular and professional activities that will enrich your chemistry education.

Chemistry students actively use the skills they learn!

Ana ShullaResearch at North Central--both during the summer and as part of the biochemistry "capstone" course--was critical to Ana Shulla's career decision. Ana is now a research technician at Loyola University and plans to pursue a PhD and a research career.

Matt KotlajichA Richter Fellowship allowed Matt Kotlajich to travel to Salt Lake City, UT and present his research results at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research.

Liz MaskoStudent Organizations are a great source of information on career options, as well as a lot of fun! Liz Masko (shown here working in a glovebox) was active in several science related student organizations.

Sanda VujnicPre-health students like Sanda Vujnic get help from pre-health advisors and make invaluable connections with local doctors. Sanda is now a medical student and hopes to help underserved communities such as those in her native Bosni