North Central College - Naperville, IL

Clinical Sites and Preceptors




Dr. Kenneth Sanders, M.D.; DuPage Medical Group Orthopedics
Athletic Training Program Medical Director
Team Physician

Dr. Raghu Pulluru, M.D.; DuPage Medical Group Orthopedics

Dr. Hiam Eldewek, D.O.; Edward Medical Group

Dr. Mark Yarshen, D.O.; Edward Medical Group

Taylor Arman, North Central College

Brittany James, North Central College

Michelle Lazowski, North Central College

Mark Florence, Naperville Central High School

Tracy Stephen, North Central College/Athletico

Rich Monis, Naperville Central High School

Meaghan Lockerby, Glenbard South High School/Athletico

Jessica Bratko, Glenbard South High School/Athletico

Rita Ator, ATI Physical Therapy

Jim Beitzel, Northwestern Medicine

Maggie Ranum, Northwestern Medicine

Jill Ferree, Downers Grove North High School/Athletico

Krystal Stawychey, Downers Grove North High School/Athletico

Jennifer Bednarek, Glenbard West High School

Heather Jenkins, Glenbard West High School/Athletico

Anne Hinley, College of DuPage/Athletico

Nathan Smith, College of DuPage/Athletico

Jason Kwak, Athletico

North Central College 30 North Brainard Street
Naperville, IL 60540