North Central College - Naperville, IL

Integrated Bachelor's/Master's Option

Program Description

The Accounting Integrated 5-Year CPA Track allows North Central College students to obtain a B.A. or B.S. degree in accounting as well as the MBA degree within a five-year period. This five-year program is particularly appropriate for accounting majors who want to take the CPA exam in Illinois where candidates must have 30 semester hours beyond a bachelor’s degree in order to sit for the exam.

Admission Criteria

The integrated degree will be available only to students of high achievement, including:

  • Presidential scholars with high cumulative grade point averages
  • Students nominated by faculty members
  • Transfer students with high cumulative grade point averages

Students with a 3.33 cumulative grade point average or better, in accounting and overall, may apply to the graduate program at the end of the fall term of their junior year. Applications will be reviewed by the Accounting Integrated Track Committee, and candidates will be interviewed by a member of the Committee.

Program Requirements

The Accounting 5-Year Program enables full-time students to complete 126 hours of course work by the end of their senior year. Six hours of these courses will count toward both the undergraduate and graduate degrees, and 6 hours will be graduate courses taken during the senior year beyond the 120 hours required for graduation. At the end of their senior year, students will receive their bachelor’s degree. After earning their undergraduate degree in Accounting, they then complete 24 hours of graduate work in their fifth year to receive their MBA degree.