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2014 Undergraduate Course Summer Schedule

Please note: courses meeting only once a week have a first assignment  that must be completed before the first class meeting. First Assignments are posted to the website approximately one month before the start of the term.

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 ART 150-1 Ceramics I
Monday/Wednesday, 5:30-7:50 p.m.
Prereq: ART 110 recommended. Fee: $30.
An introduction to clay which places an emphasis on handbuilding techniques with some sculpture, wheel throwing, glaze application, and kiln experience. This course also addresses issues of three-dimensional design as they pertain to contemporary ceramics.

BIO 100 1 Principles of Biology
Monday/Wednesday, 5:30PM - 7:50PM (3.50)
The study of biological principles as they relate to modern society. Discussion groups and laboratory work are an integral part of the course.
BIO 100L 1, Principles of Biology Lab M 8:00PM 10:30PM

BUS 135-1 Introduction to International Business
Thursday, 6:00PM 10:15PM
An introduction to the study of Globalization and Business. The course exposes
the student to the broad issues of globalization; illustrates the advantages and
disadvantages of globalization; relates globalization to culture, politics, ethics,
labor, legal settings, geography, and international organizations; and finally,
provides the context of business as it operates globally.

BUS  162-1 Management of Organization
Tuesday, 6:00-10:15 p.m.
A study of management principles and functions in formal organizations. Setting
objectives, planning, organizing, delegating, decision making, budget setting, and
controlling as practiced in for-profit and not-for-profit organizations.


BUS 241-1 Business & Economic Statistics  Same as ECN 241
Monday, 6:00PM-10:15PM
This course is designed to provide students with the ability to apply and interpret descriptive and inferential procedures, probability distributions, statistical sampling and design, hypothesis testing, and regression. Primary objectives are to improve the statistical capabilities of students as well as their abilities to apply statistical concepts in a business setting. Students may not receive credit for both ECN 241 and PSY 250.  Prereq: MTH 121 or higher or appropriate placement.  Note:  Students may not receive credit for both BUS 241 and PSY 250.

 CHM 215-71 Organic Chemistry I
MTWTHF 9:00AM-11:00AM
First four weeks. Prereq: 7 hours in CHM. Only offered in Summer. Concurrent Sections: CHM 215L 71.
CHM 215L-71 Organic Chemistry I Laboratory MTTH 12:30PM-3:30PM
First four weeks. Concurrent Sections: CHM 215 71. Staff

CHM 216-81 Organic Chemistry II
MTWTHF 09:30AM-10:50AM
Second four weeks. Prereq: CHM 215. Only offered in Summer. Concurrent Sections: CHM 216L 81.
CHM 216L-81 Organic Chemistry II Lab MTTH 12:30PM-03:30PM
Second four weeks. Concurrent Sections: CHM 216 81. Staff

ECN 241-1 Business & Economic Statistics (Same as BUS 241)
Monday, 6:00PM-10:15PM
Prereqs: MTH 121 or higher.
This course is designed to provide students with the ability to apply and interpret descriptive and inferential procedures, probability distributions, statistical sampling and design, hypothesis testing, and regression. Primary objectives are to improve the statistical capabilities of students as well as their abilities to apply statistical concepts in a business setting. Students may not receive credit for both ECN 241 and PSY 250.

ECN 250-1  Microeconomic Principles
Wednesday, 6:00PM-10:15PM  Prereq: MTH 121 or higher or appropriaate placement.
Introduction to the theory of consumer choice, social and individual welfare, the behavior of business firms under pure competition and monopoly, and applied microeconomic topics.

EDN 330-1 Teaching Children with Special Needs in the General Education Classroom
Monday/Wednesday,12:30-2:50 p.m.
This course examines the learning characteristics, teaching strategies, accommodations and modifications for successful inclusion of children with special learning needs in the general education classroom. The course content covers children with identified disabilities served under IDEA and Sec. 504, as well as students identified as at-risk or gifted. Required: 10 field experience hours. Prerequisites: PSY 205, and a methods course which includes a field experience.  Julie Carballo.

EDN 411 Teacher Leadership in Learning Environment
The purpose of this course is to encourage students to carefully analyze their
responsibilities and commitments in the context to leadership for the common
good and for purposeful change in our schools. The focal point to explore
leadership will center on the issue of equity. The course includes the study of
leadership with a focus on relational leadership and teacher leadership as well as
the application of leadership theories, concepts, and skills in school settings to
support equity. Students will also develop their own leadership potential through
the completion of personal and leadership self-assessments, values exploration,
and leadership skill applications through course activities. Prerequisite: For
education majors: all EDN courses required for licensure, except EDN 320/322,
EDN 470, EDN 480, EDN 481, EDN 490, EDN 491, and one other EDN course;
Junior standing; for non-education majors: Senior standing. ACR: Leadership,
Ethics, and Values.

ENG 315-1  Advanced Writing
Tuesday,  6:00PM-10:15PM
This course extends skills introduced in ENG 115, IDS 125, and the General
Education experience. Drawing on interdisciplinary readings and practicing
cross-disciplinary writing and revision, students examine both their specific area
of study, and the larger academic and non-academic communities around them.
Using inquiry and dialogue, students focus on the value of writing with others
from a variety of fields in order to address complex problems in the public sphere.
Prerequisite: ENG 115 or ENG 125; Junior standing. Core: Composition.

FIN 350-1 Corporate Finance
Monday ,  6:00PM-10:15PM
Prereqs: ECN 250., ECN 252, and ECN 241 or MTH 341 and 342.
An introduction to corporate financial management. Topics include financial statement analysis, discounted cash flow analysis, security valuation, common stock/debt financing, risk and return, capital budgeting, short-term financial management, mergers, and bankruptcy.

HPE 120-1 Outdoor Education
Friday, 6:30PM-10:45PM,  and  Saturday, 8:00AM-5:15PM,  Fee: $10.
A course designed to achieve personal growth and self-directed learning experiences through shared educational adventures in the outdoors. Emphasis is on the development of wilderness and problem-solving skills and ecological awareness in non-competitive, personal growth, cooperative activities. Physician's approval required.

HPE 121-1 Wellness
Friday, 6:00PM-10:45PM, Saturday, 8:00AM-5:15PM
Emphasis on a holistic approach to health and wellness. Recognition of the importance of lifestyle and self-responsibility for achieving health and wellness. Development and implementation of a wellness plan with an emphasis on a cardiovascular activities program. Physician approval required. Staff.

HPE 137-1  First Aid  (2.00)
Friday, Saturday
Proper techniques and methods employed through the immediate and temporary care given to an injured person.


PHL 110-1  Ethics
Monday, 6:00-10:15 p.m.
An examination of alternative bases for morality and the aruments by which moral claims are justified.

PHY 115-71 Summer Physics I
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, 9:30AM-11:30AM; Wednesday and Friday 9:30AM-12:00PM
First four weeks. Prereqs: MTH 121, MTH 122; MTH 140; or H.S. algebra and trigonometry. Only one of PHY 111, 115, and 131 may be taken for credit. Concurrent Sections: PHY 115L 71. Science (Lab).
The first in a sequence of two summer physics courses. Topics include the study of motion using Newton's Laws and the conservation of energy principle, rotational motion, thermodynamics, and fluid mechanics. Laboratory. Staff
PHY 115L-71 Summer Physics I Lab
MTTH 12:30PM-03:30PM
First four weeks. Concurrent Sections: PHY 115 71. Staff

PHY 116-81 Summer Physics II
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, 9:30AM-11:30AM; Wednesday and Friday 9:30AM-12:00PM
Second four weeks. Prereq: PHY 115. Only one of PHY 112, 116, or 132 may be taken for credit. Concurrent Sections: PHY 116L 81. Science (Lab).
The second in a sequence of two summer physics courses. Topics include electricity and magnetism, optics, waves, and sound. Laboratory. Staff
PHY 116L-81  Summer Physics II Lab
MTTH 12:30PM-03:30PM
Second four weeks. Concurrent Sections: PHY 116 81.Staff

PHY 121-1  Principles of Astronomy
Tuesday, 6:00PM-10:15PM
The study of celestial phenomena, the sun and solar system, and the observable universe with emphasis on astronomy as a scientific activity with great relevance to the perception and comprehension of our world.  Laboratory experiences include the study and practice of observational techniques for the night sky with emphasis on the interplay of observation and theory and applications in the science of astronomy.  Prerequisite:  MTH 122 or high school trigonometry.

PSC 101-1 Introduction to American Government
Monday, 6:00PM-10:15PM
Introduction to American politics, the Constitution, Congress, Presidency, political parties, interest groups, and principal contemporary problems of the U.S. government. Satisfies teacher certification requirements in Illinois and the U.S. Constitution.

PSY 220-1 Psychology of Adolescence
Monday, 6:00PM-10:15PM Prereq: PSY 100.
This course focuses on the developmental tasks of adolescence, such as forming an identity and developing mature relations with peers, family, and possible mates. Theory and research in the area of adolescent psychology are examined.

PSY 240-1 Social Psychology
Tuesday, 6:00PM-10:15 PM Prereq: PSY 100.
An examination of the theories and research regarding human social behavior. Discussed in this area are social perception, self-perception, attitudes, social influence, attraction, altruism, aggression, group effects, and environmental psychology.

PSY 320-1 Personality
Thursday, 6:00PM-10:15 PM Prereq: One 200-level PSY course, excluding PSY 250.
The structure, development, expressions, and measurements of the normal personality. The course considers major personality theories, methods of psychotherapy and counseling, ideal models of human living, and the mature personality. Staff.

REL 100-1 Introduction to World Religions
Tuesday, 6:00PM-10:15PM
An introduction to the major religions of the world. The primary methodology is phenomenological. Special emphasis is give to the beliefs, rituals, sacred texts, and ethical dimension of each religion.

SOA 105-1 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
Wednesday, 6:00PM-10:15PM
An examination of the diversity of human cultures. Human adaptations to various environments. Kinship, religion, political, and economic institutions in non-Western societies.

SOA 190-1 Urban Problems
Tuesday, 6:00PM-10:15PM
An introduction to urban life from a sociological perspective. We will examine issues of urban culture, racism, poverty, power, and community from both analytic and practical perspectives. Major goal of the course is to engage in an enlightened debate on the nature of urban life.

SPC 200-1 Interpersonal Communication
Thursday, 6:00PM-10:15PM
A study of communication in face-to-face interactions. The course examines the role of perception of self and others in communication and explores such topics as nonverbal communication, verbal styles, relationship development, and conflict management. Skills training is an important component of the course.

SPC 317-1 Intercultural Communication
Thursday, 6:00PM-10:15 PM     Prereq: Junior standing.
A study of the basic components involved in intercultural communication. Topics considered include, but are not limited to: cultural biases, cultural determinants of experiences and backgrounds, social perception, verbal interaction, nonverbal interaction, and opinion leadership.