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Diversity at North Central College

Ready to expand your cultural boundaries?

North Central students form a multicultural mosaic, coming to Naperville from urban, suburban and rural areas all across the country and around the world. These diverse backgrounds, beliefs and experiences are interwoven into the fabric of our campus community, creating a rich tapestry that becomes the backdrop for learning and growth. Students are pushed beyond their cultural comfort zones to develop—as stated by our 2012 Commencement speaker Aaron S. Williams and director of the Peace Corps—“cultural agility.”

Tavis Smiley at North Central College - MLK Week 2012Our annual campus calendar is filled to the brim with culturally rich learning opportunities, including speakers, authors and performers who address everything from the racial history of America (Tavis Smiley) to the empowerment of young girls (Tyra Banks).  Our Office of International Programs and our Leadership, Ethics and Values program unite to host events throughout the year such as the recent focus on global human rights, which featured a lecture series, film screenings, roundtable discussions and theatrical performances.

Annual large-scale events include Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Week, highlighted by a community prayer breakfast, poetry slam, writing contest, Gospel Extravaganza and high profile keynote speakers, such as Spike Lee and Cornel West in recent years. In addition, our “Anti-Hate Week” celebration during the fall features events that promote an inclusive environment, including a student-initiated tradition, the “We Love” march across campus. 

Black Student Association's Poetry SlamOur Office of Multicultural Affairs ensures the academic and social support of students from underrepresented backgrounds, including those who are the first in their family to attend college. Beginning with the Premier Scholars summer bridge program, students receive support and mentoring throughout their college career. Active student organizations like our Black Student Association, Raza Unida and Asian Student Konnection create intercultural experiences for all students to enjoy. On an interpersonal level, Frankly Speaking is an intentional discussion series that fosters dialogue among people from different backgrounds. 

In addition to the many cultural experiences on campus, we encourage students to go away and become immersed in another culture through one of many study abroad programs or service trips.

MLK Week at North Central