North Central College - Naperville, IL
Economics major

Yen no longer considers her North Central professors her college mentors.

“They’re my life mentors,” says the Vietnam native. “They've given me so much valuable advice about my career, but they also build personal connections that I’ll cherish forever. They care about my country and my culture and listen to my personal stories. These are relationships that won’t go away after I graduate—that’s what makes North Central so strong.”

Yen dreams of becoming the chief strategic officer of a startup or multinational company. She’s studying economics, finance and global studies to prepare.

“North Central has set me up to achieve. It’s given me the fundamental mindset—the can-do attitude—that as long as I try hard enough, I will be able to reach even the most difficult goals,” she says. “I’ve also made life-long connections that are not only important for professional networking, but also for the enrichment of my personal life.”