North Central College - Naperville, IL
Social Change Leadership minor

Tanika has a goal: to open a group home for juvenile delinquents.

Adding a minor in social change leadership to her sociology major and focus on criminal justice has been key for Tanika. “These two areas of study sum up my lifelong goal and why I want to go into this field. I feel I’m fully equipped.”

In her coursework, Tanika says “we don’t just talk about the issues of the world but actually find solutions. We take the chance to create the change we want to see.”

Coming to North Central College and a suburban environment from a tough inner-city background was "a challenge I knew I needed to take in order to branch out from the life and environment I was accustomed to,” Tanika says. She discovered, “you can be proud of where you come from and also strive for something better, even if better is not always comfortable.”