North Central College - Naperville, IL
Health Education Faculty Coordinator

Adding a health education minor to programs in physical education, secondary and elementary education makes North Central students more marketable, says Tammy Wynard, faculty coordinator for health education.

“Being qualified and diverse in today’s society is critical. You have to bring more to the table than just a physical education degree. At North Central you gain important credentials and skills and fill a need in the schools.”

Students learn how to teach, develop curriculum, adapt lessons to fit any classroom situation, and gain access to real classrooms to practice their skills early and often. “It’s important for aspiring teachers to teach in dynamic, growing school districts and North Central is ideally located for that. Our students teach in these schools, giving them an edge in the job market.”

Wynard brings a practical, hands-on approach to her many years of teaching in schools and the community, plus connections to health experts, and notes that health education is not limited to school environments. “Being qualified and certified to teach health opens doors to working in various community venues, too.”