North Central College - Naperville, IL
Mathematics major

As an aspiring educator, Sarah Bikulcius finds that North Central is preparing her well to become a mathematics teacher at a high school or middle school.

“At North Central, you make connections,” she says. “The professors here know people and are really good at networking. My advisor knows everyone, which gets my name out there.”

Sarah gained experience student teaching at nearby Waubonsie Valley High School, where she met North Central alumni working as teachers. Sarah says her North Central education sharpened all her skills—not just mathematics and education, but communications as well.

“I’ve learned English is important because as a teacher I will have to write a lot of things, like letters to parents,” she says.

After graduating from North Central Sarah plans to secure a position teaching mathematics and hopes to pursue a graduate degree in education.

“North Central helped me obtain a better perspective of what is out there,” she says. She enjoyed experiences like studying abroad in Costa her junior year. “Costa Rica completely changed my life. It was completely out of my comfort zone. I was a homebody. But once I got there, I wasn’t even homesick.”