North Central College - Naperville, IL
Interactive Media Studies major

Ryan Shreve visited North Central as a high school junior and knew right away the College was a good fit. “From my first step on campus, I was drawn by its beauty and the kind, outgoing, friendly personality of each student and faculty member I passed. It was as if I had known them for years,” Ryan says.

During his first year, Ryan’s involvement on campus included working as a marketing intern in the College’s athletic department. A highlight was helping with the department’s breast cancer awareness initiatives. “I organized and ran a breast cancer awareness weekend for Cardinal Athletics, with help from many students and organizations,” Ryan says.  “From the 22 Sports, 1 Team Fighting Cancer, T-shirt design to decorations and informational brochures to local community involvement in the event, it was a successful program.”

Ryan’s plans after college include working in marketing and promotions for a professional sports team. Before focusing on his career, however, Ryan wants to take time to serve others in Africa and Haiti. “I would like to serve abroad where people are in need and focus on their needs prior to beginning a career focused on me.”